New world. Block bois


Welcome to block bois. We are looking for people that want to build a world together. With cities, towns, factions, and communities.

The server was just started so there isn’t to much at the moment but it has a lot of potential.

Here is our rule list. If anyone has suggestions on new rules or changes to rules feel free to let me know.

In the block bois world you can do anything you want but there are a few rules.

|note| any rule is subject to change so be sure to check the rule list for any updates

  1. use a real name (you dont have to use your real name just a name that would be real)

  2. stealing and breaking peoples stuff is allowed kinda. no mass destroying things and no stealing and then immediately leaving the server. (if suspected or caught then you will be kicked if you are found doing it again you will be banned.)

  3. you are allowed to attack people but only if you are outside of a town or main area. if you have made a house in a town or main area and someone wont leave it then you are allowed to attack them.

  4. don’t be inappropriate

  5. if any moderator+ calls “sleep time” then sleep or mediate until they say “wake up”.

  6. you can start groups, towns, communities or factions and set your own rules for those places.
    to start one of these request it in the factions part of discord.

If you are interested then join our discord for more info


Hello, I could make The parliament of the UPKC (United Peacekeeping Council.)


What about The United Blockheads?