New world:blockcontinents

When you were a child,you dreamed of forming your own town,you dreamed of building a thriving city that will live on trough the eras.

But today,that dream becomes a reality,you are one of the many “hopefuls” that has landed upon this new world,a “continent”as they call it,you don’t have much,but you do have cloths,food,10 platinum coins,and hope,hope that you will build a new prosperous colony and transform it into a great city that will be putted on the map for good

(Please note that the world is a work in progress,we are working on it)
as you fight,trade and build your way trough,the infamous grand council will be held to determine if you are suitable to create your own nation,and gain independence,and how you lead that nation into greatness,either it’s a sovereign democracy,or a brutal dictatorship.

Good luck,and god speed


Sounds interesting, Could you please include the rules in your post above?

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Can you send us the invite link? And or your user

Yeah, where is the invite link?