New world - Time Travel


Hi Guys! I am just going to put this here. I need some help building stuff in my new server! It has been created!

If anyone wants to join, I will be on there on and off today!
February 16, 2019 (Europe: Paris), February 15, 2019 (America: Los Angeles)


What is the server name?


What are the rules?


@WumboJumbo I haven’t refined the rules yet, but mostly just basical stuff
@Equalis the name is Time Travel, but you need a link. Message me if you want it


Hey, it’s letting you know about multiplayer rules. Might want to check the topic rules and add accordingly. Just a suggestion, no worries.


what are the rules?




Can i please have a link…?


Just so you know. Moderation by members isn’t really done here. Best to leave it to myself and asyc, as otherwise you may find people resent your activities.

Merged double post.




All good :slight_smile: