Nickname/alias taken error

So In blockheads 1.1 I had this issue where I made a server, played it for a long time, everything fine then one day I go to join server and then it says “nickname/alias taken” and when I try going to my owner portal my account doesn’t exist. Fast forward 1.6 and 1.7 I made two servers, both did the same thing. I don’t really want my account back or the servers or even my name since I can’t prove anything since I got a new phone and probably support id since then, I just want to know what causes this

did you delete the app at any time?

No not until it did that then I quitted for a while

then besides changing devices i’m not entirely sure, if it is a problem i would contact milla on here

I think your support ID may have changed. You’ll have to PM @milla to fix it.

Yes, and don’t share that ID with the public.

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when something says not to do it this isn’t a time to be a teenager and do the opposite, if i had a nickel for every time a parent said not to do something and that’s when the kid disobeyed…

to be fair it’s your support id’s funeral, but if you really want to it back just pm milla like they said

There are a few things that can cause your installation to switch IDs. Use of cheats, a crash while the game files are being written to, and a change of Apple ID or Google accounts.

I can fix it, if you are able to provide the information I require. I will PM you about this.

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