No access to metal working bench

I have been trying to make a pail but cannot figure out how. I’ve researched the forums and it seems I should have a metal work bench. I do not. I am level 12 on my workbench and that was never an option. Also, how do you make red marble? And all the sudden, the game does not register that I have iron ingots when I go to craft something out of them. I literally have hundreds of them but when I go to the workbench, it shows my balance to be zero.

I don’t know about the workbench thing, because I don’t play on expert. But you find red marble in caves, just like regular marble. It’s a natural stone. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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That never happened to me
The metal work bench is beside the builders bench and the pizza oven

Wait - level 12 workbench? That’s Expert Mode you’re playing!
Until you get familiar with the regular game mechanics, I wouldn’t recommend playing on expert mode.

Meanwhile, if you still want to continue on expert mode, I’m not sure what’s going on with that iron ingot issue, but if you post a couple screenshots I’m sure someone here can figure it out.

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Metal work bench is level 13

Red marble you have to find underground or use a dodo they can’t be crafted

Ummm I’m not sure about the iron… try dropping it and picking it back up?

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That answer’s the first question! I haven’t played Expert in a while now, so I forgot you have to get all the way to Level 13 before accessing the metal bench. I like Expert Mode, but man sometimes it really is hard. :persevere:


You need your workbench to reach level 13.

If you can’t find red marble naturally, there is a way to “make” it. Two actually. You can whack regular old white marble with a golden pick or shovel, OR you can breed dodos from normal->stone->limestone->marble->red marble. The advantage to the dodo method is that the next step after red marble eggs is LAPIS LAZULI which you also need for that particular workbench upgrade. I just went through this on an expert server where I went around the whole world and couldn’t find either type of block.


Was it Skynet :wink:

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