No kill zone around spawn


Think maybe for a 50 block radius of the spawn portal you shouldn’t be able to attack newbies spawning in or players teleporting


Yeah but what if two people went to fight outside of spawn, one guy almost died, and they just go back to spawn. Maybe instead of this suggestion, which is neat mind you, we could have a similar radius system but it would be a thing owners could edit, like 20-500 blocks or something.

Edit: Also, maybe make it so you’re vulnerable in spawn for 15 seconds after you’ve been outside of spawn.


There’s this useful “bug” on which you pause the screen and you can’t be harmed, it is useful on those cases.


Do what Harmful Paradise did and make it impossible to get back into spawn, but also make it so that teleportation isn’t enabled.


This is an amazing suggestion but it could be tweaked.
For example: Making it work with mobs, making the radius bigger.
This way we can have a safe zone that is large or small.
It is a great suggestion though as on a server the admin’s “mean sister” (doubt it) killed me and anybody else who wasn’t admin rank. He killed me over and over at spawn. Waited for me to come back on the game, as soon as i did he attempts to kill me again. repeat. It was so annoying so i hope this is added.