No more then 3 replies allowed


This is now a thing that may bug me, whenever I try to post a 4th reply on a thread that I have replied to 3 times this happens.

I would like to see this be adjusted, or removed because this is going to bug me when I want to try and post an announcement on the rabbithole thread about a new ride I have made.

If this is changed or not, please notify me. :slight_smile:


edit it instead.


Yeah, just edit it.


But what happens if i do not want to edit it, and I would rather post a new reply instead?


“No more than 3 consecutive replies allowed”
Consecutive- following continuously
Someone else needs to post before you. This actually could stop people from quadruple posting, so it has a use. One of the main reasons of it could be that if only one person posted in a thread, the thread mine as well just have continuous edits. So, you’d have to edit the post, rather than have just an;
A- separate post
B- More post count


Not really a person who cares about post count, but I see your point.


I’m not sure if this is a feature, but can it just not allow posting if the most recent post is you and less than one hour ago?


Why would anybody care about their post count anyways? This isn’t vBulletin.


Think about it, some want to have a lot of posts. :slight_smile:


Trust levels take posts


They don’t just take posts.


True, put some parts of it do. Trust me, I’ve read the trust levels a lot


Why would you? It’s the same thing.

Also, if nobody replied or interacted with your previous replies, I think that means that nobody has cared about the previous reply.


That‘s not a very kind thing to assume.
I‘m interested in his announcements about his new ride but I‘m not replying every time because that‘s not necessary.


Still, they could just edit their last post.


Sure he could!
I just felt like pointing out to you, that your last sentence could be hurtful. To me it sounded like you‘re implying, that nobody cared about his former posts.
I‘m sincerely sorry, if I‘ve understood you wrong. :wink:


I think the point is that if you edit an old post a lot of people will not even notice it. They think they have already read it. But they will see a new post. (I assume we are talking about old posts here and not about posting within an hour)


I like to post new posts when I need too rather then editing it. Because I want to get some attention to the new post so people can see it.


I wait until an hour has passed (to avoid double posting), then create a new post so everyone sees a new post that has already read it when I post news about Free Mac Servers.


If a thread has gotten attention from new posts 3 times yet hasn’t been interesting enough to get a like or reply, I think the thread deserves to sink anyway. One person keeping a thread alive alone is pretty much like constant bumping.