No naming and shaming


This is just a reminder that we do not name and shame here. If you have a grievance with a player please report them to the world owner, and/or to me. Do not post publishing their name and/or IP address. That’s a big no-no.

Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire

This does not include with crediting people who’ve done good, like contributed to a server in a meaningful way right?


Correct :slight_smile:


The word shaming should answer that question :slight_smile:


What exactly does “naming” mean? Some people say that it’s just flat out saying their name but from my experiences it means like name calling. Can you clarify?


Anything that brings “shame” to their “name”. It could be pointing out that someone is hacker or cheats with TC, or griefed a server.


Though name-calling as well goes against the ‘being kind and courteous” rule.


Stating their name. Identifying them with the offence you’re complaining about.

Name calling is a whole different issue.


It’s unfortunate that it was needed to remind this, but it’s good that it was.


I’m dredging this thread because we’ve had several people recently posting about a player’s TC count. This is SHAMING, and it is absolutely out of line. Note that name and shaming is a banning offence.