No owner? How?

So this server has no owner for some reason, how does it happen lol? Screenshot_2019-10-26-09-44-15-355|326x167

They just added a code to the welcome message which removes the owner.

It is probably a mac world, which is a world that is hosted on a player’s mac computer rather than the cloud. These don’t show players from the world spinner and don’t have an owner.

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Oh i see, I thought it was a hacked world or smth

It could also actually be a cloud world with no owner. If a user tries to join a random world with specific settings, and no world exists(/is public) with credit that has those settings, the cloud will create a new world with no owner for that player to join.

There is a world on the cloud, that just so happens to be called STARRY RICHES that was created by this case ^


That finally happened? I knew it was possible but it had never happened.


I’ve found the world, however it appears I’m unable to join the server.


When joining a world through specific search options, it just sends me to a server with no players. (when there’s none of that kind of server w/o players

It happened like day 1 of the beta testing for 1.7, a couple worlds were created with this method.

I was able to join, spawn is a mess.


If it has no owner, does that mean no one can actually administrate it or access its owner portal?

Dunno, never tried. Just saw one guy playing on it and then I left

Milla still can, she has unrestricted access to all worlds.

Except Mac worlds.

Oh, that’s neat!

It actually has no owner. The creator didn’t pay for it though, so I guess it’s a non-issue. I suspect he managed to crack the world creation side of things, but it didn’t assign the world to him, so that’s a fail.