No Response to "Please unban me"

Its been closely one week and no response from Milla. What should I do??


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Lol Milla has probably read it but she can take her time. You spamming didn’t help…

I believe that she responds to anything that isn’t an obvious joke/prank

I know but like I once read here that she will take longer to respond in ban context

I’m sorry that you’ve been waiting for a while, but Milla is the only community manager here and has other responsibilities as well. Just be patient, and she will get to you as soon as she can. :smiley:

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i don’t know if milla changed @Codeoffun’s post to say ‘[quack]’ but if that’s the case it is very likely she saw this

if not yes, be patient she is very busy she isn’t as focused on blockheads as is i imagine real life and sapiens

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Yeah, and trolling, right? :slight_smile:

No it was me
: - )

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quack, alright