No sound at all on 3rd generation 12.9 inch iPad Pro

The menu music works, but the sound doesn’t. I have the sound turned all the way up in the in-game settings and the device volume is turned up too.

I’m running iPadOS 13.1.1.

Does this happen to other iPads on iPadOS 13.1.1?

I’m not exactly sure. Could someone test this out please?

Is your ringer volume on?

I’m updating my Pro 9.7 now to see if I have the same issue. Will update.

Could you elaborate?

Awesome! Thank you very much! :smile:

It turns out I don’t. Both ambient sound and music play fine. The only thing I can suggest off the top of my head is a reboot. I know it restarts after updating, but sometimes I find it takes another one.

A reboot fixed the issue. Thanks again!


A wise man told me this… “When in doubt restart.”