No TC challenge

Make yourself a fresh, brand new world, whether it be 1x, 4x, 1/16x, or 1/4x. Make sure it is vanilla so you don’t get tempted to change the rules to make your life easier. Expert if you wish, however it will be much more harder than vanilla. The goal of this challenge is to make a world which you haven’t used any time crystals in it and therefore be more proud of your effort. You can mine TC blocks; but you are not allowed to use any.


This is a good Idea. I’m gonna try this tonight.

I assume getting more Blockheads is out of the picture since they ‘cost’ TC


Yep, you’re absolutely right. No portals, trade portals, portal chests, extra Blockheads, rush crafting. Double Time is allowed, however.

Feel free to use the #notcchallenge tag for posts you make that incorporate this challenge.

I’m gonna try this challenge out for myself!

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This reminds me of the old WFS (World From Scratch) challenge, with the exception that in WFS you could use the TC you mined (I don’t think you were allowed make a TP or PC though)

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how did you get a new tag?

I made a new tag.

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