No update for amazon?


Everyone is complaining about Apple not reviewing the update quick enough. I was wondering if Dave isn’t updating amazon, or if it’s not yet reviewed.

Why hasn't amazon got it yet?
It doesnt work! It's been months since this update happened, and I miss my friends on multiplayer... Why is it taking so long?!?
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It takes a while for amazon to update. For example minecraft takes a while to update. A week or 5 days or so.


Whew I was gonna ask this too!


If the Amazon store does a review process, I would expect that it would be finished before the release as Dave intended to coordinate the launch across all devices to be at roughly the same time. It may just be that it’s rolling out across the servers a bit slowly, but I would expect you to see it in the stores within the next 24 hours.


Hey everybody,

While we appreciate our dedicated players on Amazon, the number of people playing on Amazon devices is currently too small for us to justify the large amount of work needed to bring the 1.7 update to that platform, and the majority of players on Amazon also have an Android or iOS device that they could play on if they wish to try out the new content or continue playing online. The Blockheads 1.6 single player mode will continue to work on the Amazon platform though, and it is possible that we will bring Amazon support back in the future!


It doesnt work! It's been months since this update happened, and I miss my friends on multiplayer... Why is it taking so long?!?
Why hasn't amazon got it yet?
1.7.2 is out just now!
Blockheads on the kindle won't update!
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That’s really sad to hear. I’m sure many amazon blockhead players will be really really disappointed that they can’t play 1.7. :frowning:


My friends cant play with me anymore :frowning: (my friends have amazon)


Aw man…


Aww, thats sad, but will we still be able to play The Blockheads with others even if we don’t have 1.7?


I’m afraid not. All of the servers had to be upgraded for use with 1.7, so server worlds will no longer work on 1.6.

I suppose it’s still possible that someone could host a 1.6 server using the Blockheads Server app from the mac appstore, but it would require a mac computer.


Ah, thank you for your reply. I will make sure my friends download it on a different device.


I’m going to do this.

Oh wait, servers are all stored in the same place…

Maybe I can run a 1.6 server on a different user.


Isn’t it possible to rip the APK of 1.7 and install it on Amazon? It would just be less optimized.


:sleepy:It doesn’t work for me! I tried to update, but Amazon store didn’t say update now! HELPPPPPP MEEEEEEE I USE AMAZON FIREEEEHelp me please


It is still rolling out, patience is the :key:.


Sorry dude :frowning:


Dawww. :frowning: Poor Amazoners.


Did you get that from me?


Help me


No idea, it just popped in my head