No update for amazon?


Merged two threads about the same thing.


Could you release an APK and allow users to side-load it?

If you have an Android with Blockheads from Google Play installed, you can get the APK out of it and side-load it to a Kindle I think.


If you aren’t able to update to 1.7, I currently run one, and plan to run a few 1.6 Servers.


i got the blockheads update working on my amazon tablet by putting on the google play store and its working now! Yay!
If you want to do it too, google “How to geek play store on amazon” and you should find the guide I used (I can’t post links yet). If you need help just ask!


I have been a dedicated player since it came out in 2013 and although I may have got made at it, I still loved it. Now I can’t play with others and I feel left out. I’m stuck in 16 and everyone else is in 17. I feel like more amazon users would play if it got something new, it has been awhile (since 2016).


1.7 won’t be released to Amazon:


That’s sad the update could bring more people.


If you want to play on the only remaining public 1.6 server:
Port: 15199


I feeling this for amazon user device :frowning:


So true


On some Amazon devices you can download the Google App Store (such as my Kindle) and download 1.7


Well that sucks…


hi guys,

i got blockheads 1.7 working on my amazon tablet by installing the google store. and it works!

I followed a guide from howtogeek(dot)com (I can’t post the link becuase I’m too new). But if you google “how to geek play store on kindle fire” you should be able to find it.

it was pretty easy.


It’s been months
Pls help me…


They aren’t gonna release it. :frowning:


This is a sad time for amazon users. :cry:


Hi Holo,

As Shahmmm said, Noodlecake are not going to update Amazon at this time. If you read through the replies on this post you will see that someone has posted about a way you can download google play and then update through that.

Good luck!


Can you Update it on amazon please. I have other devices with android but it lags a lot less on amazon. :frowning:


Thwey aren’t going to update it but as @DonkeyCarrot said above, there’s a thing you can do to get play store and download it.


Well, time to find some sketchy website to download the apk from. Too bad the aptoide download is broken.