Normal Expert Mode - Untapped Potential


Ever since Beta Testing began last year, I have been captivated by Expert Mode. I have been away from the forums for quite a while now due to yet another change of job (hopefully the last one for a while) but I have still been playing single player expert.

I would like to point out something of interest. If you create a Normal Expert world, that is, Expert Mode but don’t customize it, you will generate a world with 100% more time crystal blocks. Now I know most of you know this, but consider this:

Even though Expert worlds have 100% more TC blocks, you can only get a maximum of 12 TC’s from them using a diamond pickaxe. This is because expert mode reduces the yield you get from all ores and TC blocks. In addition, it takes an extremely long time to reach the point where you can actually craft a diamond pickaxe in expert mode.

The question is: Which world type is good for harvesting TC blocks? Vanilla or Expert?

I would like to reference @Ronnie ‘s thread here for a moment as my basis of comparison.

In this detailed guide, Ronnie showed that it is possible to harvest 10,000 time crystals from a 1X Vanilla World.

Using his same methods, and assuming you have the patience to work your way up to a Jetpack on expert mode (a daunting task!) then let’s see how many TC’s could be harvested from an Expert world.

Let’s first divide 10,000 by 18 to get an approximation of how many TC blocks one could expect from a Vanilla world:
10,000 / 18 = 555 blocks

Ok, now let’s take those 555 blocks and double them (increase by 100%) to represent how many blocks could be expected in a 1X Expert Mode world.
555 * 2 = 1110

Now lets multiply that 1110 by 12, because 12 is the upper limit of tc’s one can extract with a diamond pickaxe on expert mode.
1110 * 12 = 13,320 tc’s.

So, in conclusion, if you can mine 10,000 time crystals on a vanilla world, then you should be able to mine 13,320 tc’s on an expert world.
this represents a 33% increase

The price you pay however is time. It takes a very long time to build up to the point where you craft a Jetpack and a diamond pickaxe. Still… worth it?? You be the judge.

I have been mining my Single Player Expert World now for a few weeks and I’ve netted over 3000 so far :+1::sunglasses:

Edit: Forgot to mention 2 things: Crafting on Expert Mode takes longer. This is not necessarily a bad thing because you will find yourself watching more videos than you ordinarily would on vanilla and therefore getting more TC’s that way as well.

And also, Titanium pickaxes on expert mode take 2 chops for stone rather than 1 on vanilla. This will slow down cave exploring, so again, it is important to realize the greater time commitment involved when judging which is best for you.


Now that’s crazy!


Actually on the thread you linked I found 619 TC blocks, that equals 11,142 TC. But of course that does not change the disadvantage compared to expert world.

As you said time is a factor, too. And that is why I do still use vanilla worlds to mine TC. It can be quite boring to go through all caves on a whole server and I don’t want to make it even more boring by upgrading through the expert levels.

I once tried a 4x world, as that significantly cuts the percentage of the initial TC costs to get a portal chest. But man, that was never ending…

To keep up my motivation I like to get through a world fast (relatively fast, it’s still a few months :see_no_evil:), literally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and then start the next exiting adventure of finding that crucial diamond on the next TC Hunt world.

Not saying this is superior, just adding my point of view. Everybody has to find the way they like best. And who am I to argue with emotions against Skeeve’s numbers… :slightly_smiling_face:


I quite agree old friend. I can definitely say that even with the 33% extra potential, it may not be worth it for many people because in the time it takes to establish oneself in Expert mode, they might have already explored half of an entire vanilla 1x world.

It all depends really on one’s playing style and what preferences one has. The numbers give the facts, but they don’t paint the whole picture.


Halloween confirmed


Should I be rich in TC
Make an evil custom world where you freeze and die at spawn? :thinking:


Of course option 2 is best :joy:


Hello Ronnie, I’m sorry to disturb you (since this comment is a week old now) but relating to the 4X world, do you know if it spreads out the TC (meaning it’s the same amount, but harder to find) or is it essentially 4X the TC? Just wondering.


For all I know it’s 4 times the number. Approximately, as afaik there is a bit of randomness involved.