North Pole seed

Is there such thing as a seed for the North Pole or is it random?

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All seeds contain the North Pole.

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Is there a specific seed?

Code no every server has 4 poles north east south and west

Are you wanting to spawn at the North Pole? All seeds have every pole

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Yes I want to spawn at North Pole

I don’t thing u can technically spawn at the North Pole unless u place a portal I do know of some world that had the spawn portal near the north pole

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I don’t think that’s possible.

@Codeoffun I don’t think I would suggest doing that unless you want an unplayable server

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Wait, so you want the North Pole at the spawn? Or you want a snowy spawn, if you want a snowy spawn, but it doesn’t have the North Pole, maybe you can try to build one if it could help if you don’t find the seed and so it could be less laggy. :slight_smile:

Make the smallest world. That’s about as close as you will get to the pole

Edit; if I’m correct on this there all equally distanced apart in every world, just some have more blocks to climb.

I agree. The North Pole is the binding pole and has been known to cause a lot of issues if messed with. For some servers it seems perfectly fine to do anything with it then some it causes render bugs below lava and server crashes every 10 min about, Derpy land was a victim of this and from my knowledge the only things that happens there was 1 trade portal, 1 portal, some ice removed, and ladders.

if you’re asking if the North Pole can be at spawn, no, but you decrease the amount of walkin or flyin or ridin if you decrease the world size for a minimum of 1/16th

keep in mind the natural generation puts each of the four points at a roughly equal difference from one to the other, don’t know exactly but it tries to have each pole for 1/16th, say, maybe 300 blocks?

basically no matter how you do it they’ll always auto generate (x) blocks away from spawn and will split roughly close to the same amount of that amount away from each other

How much blocks is a 1/16 world?

300x4 so about 1.2k

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hypothetically yeah, i’m sure there’s a thread with more accurate numbers but i would guess it’s somewhere around that size

Size Blocks
1/16th 1024
1/4th 4096
1x 16384
4x 65536
16x 262144

All worlds have a height of 1024 blocks, though practically the usable height is generally closer to 970 blocks due to lava.

Getting a spawn at the North Pole is theoretically possible… but unlikely. When generating a world the game tries to find a spawn with food nearby. If there isn’t food close to the randomly chosen location, it will pick another random location until it finds an acceptable start point. Since the North Pole is generally really snowy and only had pine trees, there’s no food nearby and therefore the game won’t spawn you there.

Theoretically, you could combat this with custom rules. If there is food at the North Pole, then you could spawn there. You’d probably have to spend a lot of time creating worlds to discover a seed that spawns you at the pole though…

we’re talking more about width here

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