I don’t know if this belongs here or on off topic but here I go. Who remembers the days when there were no trade portals, and every item was earned? Who remembers when you had to pay money to make a server (for those new guys you used to have to pay for servers, looks like we are back to the dark ages.) Who remembers when there was no electricity, and everything you did was super slow? Who remembers when platinum coins were introduced? Who remembers the golden age of TC piracy? Who remembers the invention of gravel and the sluice? Who remembers the addition of the refinery, unlocking the key to jet packs and flight all across the realm of blockheads? We have seen many things, all of which we owe to Majic Dave.

There have been many content updates over the years, and this is the list of all the major ones that I was here to witness and remember. This is a tribute to Dave and all the great work he has done making this great free to play game. Keep up the good work! (I know Dave has good reasons to have servers paid, and I respect them. Who doesn’t love the feeling of looking over a server that you have worked hard to build though?)


I remember all of this!

When I first played, I wanted to see what happens if you drown and I was confused why my health bar was gone but wasn’t dying…fun times!

I was on Neverland when tulips and jetpacks were hyped.


just admit we all did it


True, once I realized how bad it was I stopped though.


When you could take somebody’s stuff by breaking the block under it.


I have! :cool:


I guess everyone on the forum is OG


Not everyone, but this is where the OG hang out.


There’s probably been a thousand nostalgia threads


My most memorable update was the introduction of owner signs.


Oh I forgot to add that


Or signs at all. I kinda miss some earlier versions more than I should…


1.5 is the most nostalgic because back then steel looked very nice and friends I had used to play with me. But sadly no longer are on blockheads.


That stinks. I’ve had countless friends who have left blockheads over the years. Gladly though there are always more players!


I started playing around that time, right before the cloud update


I started in 1.3. I never played on blockserver for some reason…


I don’t know when I started playing, sometime 2013-2014


*dark age


golden age**


***dark age