Saying it was the golden age doesn’t mean it was exactly good. The golden age of piracy irl was a dark tine for non pirates. I would say right now is the dark age of tc piracy.


So your saying you actually pirated tc…?


^^^^^ does that answer your question


Just admit it. Almost every single person had their personal safe of TC. The idea of free TC was irresistible.


Who remembers when falling down a hill or from the sky as a shortcut, simply by riding a donkey that could not get fall damage?

Or walking on on lava to get that pesky last block of gold ore? But you couldn’t die anyway.

Or before, when all you needed was lights, sticks, a lot of food and your benches to go into a cave without having to worry about dangerous mobs?


I think I’ve played since 1.5 or 1.5 before jet packs when I was a legitimate player. (Until my friend taoght me a cheat then I stopped.)

I guess now free tc piracy is the new smoking.


Falling down hills on donkeys was the best! TC piracy is the new smoking, except nobody does it.


Well except the people who hack the game files. No matter how hard people try, they will keep doing it.


True story, it sucks though


‘Back in my day’ (old person talk) you can get really damaged but can never die.

I could not drown so, I spent a lot of time underwater making a sea castle made of glass. It was too expensive to make it out of anything thing else pretty. No sharks, there were secret building tricks and a lot of free time not trying to breed something.


I remember building underwater bases on hardcore PvP servers. The airlock trick was what I did because water pressure doesn’t exist