Not able to open blockheads


So I recently got a new phone, and was able to merge my accounts together. However when I opened blockheads today for the first time, I got a white screen


Any solution to this?

Game doesn't work after update

Looks like this guy is experiencing a similar problem.


Me too!! I’m sorry I didn’t see this post I would have commented here. I just made a new thread exactly about this issue. I could not get the game to open and had the same exact problem with the white screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and lost everything I had.


Having same problem


When I updated game today, I started game to see what is new. Everything worked fine. 1 minute later I wasn’t been able to start game because every time when I try to start it, white screen appears and I can’t do anything. Also, I’ve updated my android version to Android 9 today.

Please help

Game loads after few minutes but it works weird, for example text in chat is bold for some reason.


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Which version of the game did you update to?


The game is last updated on 30 July 2019.
Version 1.7.6-Minor bug fixes and improvement.


The best thing is for as many people as possible to report this to Noodlecake Studios, with the details of their device. You can email them at support at about this issue.


It might be an aspect ratio problem.


Same problem, started after the last update. Phone is lg Q6, running the latest supported and working android version.

Edit: started working a few seconds ago, after i messed around with multiscreen and put my phone in standby. After restarting the app, the exact same problem occurs.


Same here. I reported this via the game’s interface, on my Samsung Note 8 phone. I also did the follow-up report through my e-mail, but haven’t received any answers since then.

(This happened, by the way after an update to the game itself, and a day or two different, the most recent update to the Android system, so I think that’s where the problem has arisen.)

I have been able to get into my game (which is now a NEW game…all my previous games were entirely lost) after I uninstalled and then reinstalled the game (which is the updated version).

The white screen comes up, but if you wait and count to about 90, then turn your phone sideways, most times, suddenly the game will begin to show. It crashes randomly during gameplay (usually when you have just been watching a video for TCs, or when you are very low on health and get reminders of same for one reason or another, though it can happen at any time–even when things seem to be rolling along quite smoothly, then…boom…out you go). At least, though, if you outwait that white screen, you SHOULD be able to get in, and hopefully you haven’t already dumped any previous games!