Not accepting payment

I spent up to $20 trying to create a server. Not only did it not create the server, but it charged me… I lost a lot of money and am still left without a world… Anyone know what’s going on or how to fix it? : (

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Are you on Android?

Yes, I’m on android:)

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Browse around the forums for a while if you are having trouble PMing @Milla.

Heh, $20? Did you try to create 6 servers or something?

Based on this other recent post (link below), you’ll have to contact Noodlecake Studios for the refund, and PM Milla, or wait for her to get to you to help create the world.

Looking forward to seeing your world, if you make it public :+1:

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Moved to the proper category. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen several complaints about this, so this seems to be a common issue, unfortunately.

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This seems to be a new Android bug/glitch?

Have there been any reports from iOS users?

Not that I have seen.

Are you after a refund or the world, please?

I am also having the same issue but idk what to do, i just want my world