Not letting me buy anything

I was going to make another server today, and whenever I press the amount and wait for it to load - it stays “error” the item you requested is not available for purchase.

I already have a server that I made currently. Just to test if it was only the server it wasn’t letting me create. I cannot buy TC or Double-time as it says the same error message.

I do have the amount to buy the credit for the server and other items.

Is there anyway to fix this?

It’s probably something to do with blockheads getting removed from the google play store

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Are you using the APK version of the game or the Google Play version of the game?

Google play version, I do not use APK.

Try to use the APK version and see if it works.

I doubt any Android players will be able to make in-app purchases. They depend on the Google store.

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