Not many servers are active


I’ve noticed that there aren’t as many cloud servers with people on it. Some worlds just have 1-4 players connected, and some others just have no players. I randomly joined around 20 servers, about 5 of them either had hacked items or content, or inappropriate content. About another 7 servers had only 1-4 players on them, and there was not really any chat going on, on any of those 7 servers. The other couple were just more abandoned and didn’t have any admins/mods on it.

Also, when you type one space into the server search, you see the most popular servers. The first 5 servers shown had 9-16 players on servers. The last 5 servers shown had 3-9 players on servers. A while ago, 5 servers had 16 players on the top server list. Compared to this, there are hardly any people on these servers. 5 servers on the top server list have 3 players on it.

So if I were to estimate how many public/searchable servers have people on them, it’s approximately 50. I know that sounds like a lot, but other days, when I joined random servers, I joined around 25 different ones. Unlike today, where I even joined one server with people on it randomly, twice, maybe even three times! In the past, there have been literally approximately 100 servers that are public/searchable, that have at least 1 player on each server.

Now the problem with all this, is that not many users are joining on servers. People may think that “it’s not a big deal”. But it honestly can be! Just for example, if not many servers are being joined, and not people aren’t adding time crystals. Could that mean that more people aren’t spending money on time crystals? This may not be true, because Singleplayer servers are another deal. However, tc piracy is already a problem, more people not buying time crystals, this could effect some things, too.

But for another example, without many people joining servers, this could effect the community in general! Not many people joining servers, could possibly mean more people are leaving the community. Again, Singleplayer is another deal, but multiplayer can be important, even in the ways people don’t expect. Time crystals in crafting are only used up to 200 in an item, that’s one dollar of time crystals. But when people want to make servers, this could be around ten dollars, or even adding credit would be ten dollars!

It’s unfortunate that not many servers are active. It can get more active during different times, but it still isn’t the same amount of people! This “problem” isn’t everything, maybe it’s not even a considered problem. But in my opinion, this could be an issue.

Version 1.7 could also either have an increase in players, a decrease in players, or stay the same amount of players. I hope it increases, or at the least stays the same amount.

But to solve this problem, people could buy more time crystals, and make more servers. That could at the least, help people in the community increase, and Majic Jungle can get more money.

I appreciate you reading this, I hope we can work together to have servers even more active! :wink:

Edit: Noticed the top server names aren’t okay, I somehow didn’t realize this at the time.


There’s lots of multiplayer servers in The Blockheads that lack players.
But it isn’t about people not joining worlds necessarily, it’s more of popularity.
Usually,people will join popular servers,
Or servers that are very populated with online players.
So,maybe people should advertise a bit more,
Make there server look,awesome!
Because no one,or less likely,will someone join your server if it lacks on players.
It think that’s how it works,and it makes lots of sense…


I have also noticed an apparent slowdown of activity. Just looking at my spinner of worlds I frequent, I have seen fewer of them with any activity. There are a number of factors contributing here. Not the least of which is school and life for many players. My main server went from 6-10 active players on for most of the day during the summer, down to 0-3. And when I’m not on the server myself, it sits at 0 and stays there for long periods.

I don’t think Dave is too worried, but I’m sure 1.7 will bring lots of players back to check out the update. In the mean time, I think the best thing to do is find the quality servers where you LIKE to play and give them your time. The more you play on a server, the more likely it is to see its activity increase as it will be selected (if it’s public) when players join random server. And past players may return when they see activity on them, as well.


Just FYI: Searching space does not give you the most popular servers. It gives you the most popular servers with a space in them. For example, you wouldn’t notice a server named Anime with 16 players, but you would see a server named Anime Roleplay.


There are many servers that are set to private and are whitelisted. They will not show up on the search. There is no way to know how many of those are out there.

It also will not give any information on mac servers. Once a mac world is joined the world spinner will not even show how many players are on. The only way to find out is to join and play.

The only way to join both of these kinds of servers is with the link.

A lot of the forum members have worlds listed in the multiplayer section, if anyone is looking for a great world to play on.


Basically that’d be another way to get more servers “popular”. Sharing worlds on the forums is great, but only the owner can share a world on the forums. So not as many servers can be shared, unless a server owner posts about it.

Btw @Dragonrim I might have made that unclear. However I have searched up one word and still not as many servers that are “popular”.

I can agree that this user decrease is not the biggest deal. You’re right though, @jemnidad, @majicDave probably won’t be too worried. :slight_smile:


Yeah you’re right but… TC piracy is a problem now because making a server costs 200 TC (7 days) and maximum price would be 2000 (30 days). Now, people don’t add credit thus servers will die and users and such as the owner will abandon their server as a sign that they give up. When you join a server (random) as you say, there is about 1-4 “active” users that does not even communicate. So people choose to make their own server, BUT WAIT! They don’t have TC. And even if you have, once you create a world/server you can’t expect that it rapidly fills up with good, respectable people. Only one joins if you’re lucky and chances are he is a “griefer”, a hacker, or someone who deosn’t obey the rules. I recently created a world called, Kimi No Chi (English translation: Blood Of Uchiha), and is meant for RP (role-play) because RP is the most popular thing in Blockheads now. Most people already know the feature of typing space once in the search bar and rapidly showing the top servers. That is why people abandon servers a lot. TC is really important now a days in Blockhead. And TC piracy is really a problem too. “Why”, you ask? “MajicDave” needs money to update (I think) and by hacking TC and not buying it makes it harder for him to update. Anyways… People too when have hacked TC they make servers that in future they won’t use but those who got hard earned TC promotes!

P.S.: Lost track of what I was saying. I hope you understand.


Nope. It’s understood. I see your point, and you’re absolutely right. Tc piracy, however can be prevented, in lots of ways.


Actually, more servers is NOT good for popularity. This is because it decreases the chance to find a server. Also, people just server hop, just popping in on a server then changing the the next. I have never had a player that has stayed for over a week, which is sad. So yeah, I wish I could have more popularity but I guess I can’t do much about it. sigh


You are absolutely correct. The number of servers out there dilutes the player base. Although frankly after joining some servers with high player counts, I’d rather they not join my servers. We seem to have had a boom in greedy players that don’t really know how to play the game legitimately any longer.

One of my favorite things with my servers is that I have players who have been there for over 2 years and they keep coming back. Maybe not often, or every day. But now and then they will pop in and say “hi”.


I re-read this and feel proud of my grammar.


ewafe want post his wrold that his friend trying to, but his friend messed his account @nobodyatall
if you can contact @milla, that will be great


Please don’t post here. It’s not meant for this. However, I will contact Milla whenever possible. I can’t right now, I’m working.




That’s just sad…

It isn’t good that player activity is still decreasing nowadays.