NOW OPEN: hello world mac server

Hello World is a sort of anarchy server
this means you can build bases raid other bases steal loot
you can not: hack, cheat, and make inappropriate images

ip: 15151

This is your third topic about this server

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well if he edited it nobody would see it

thats why i made this topic
cheating and hacking was banned

You can just edit it instead of making an entirely new thread every time you slightly change something.


But no one will see it if I edit it

Actually, it does show when you edit it.

People will still see it.

Can’t join

Some one built a little home next to spawn


i have a secret home :cool:

That’s yours?

Server is down again.


Let me know when you get on I will join to

Sorry bud I might have to wait until like 12:00 or earlier like 8:00 AM today

God damn it’s 1:32 I haven’t even noticed… well I’m gonna knock myself out so I can sleep.

See ya. I’ll post here when I can be online!

Sound good to me

I’ll join if it lets me :upside_down_face:. Are you on @dvsnsrock?

Yes I am