Npc goblins

in the game there are ncp goblins that spend the whole game underground crafting and progressing if you kill it it will drop what it created

Do you mean cave trolls? Could you provide a screenshot?

im sorry im sending this on a pc but i think that might be it

i dont play on pc so i cant send it

Nobody can play on pc… if you plug your phone into the pc you can transfer pics or you can use a cloud service such as google drive

i use ipad and i forgot im using chromebook

On chromebook you can use google drive you can also use it on ipad

i cant find the link

Link to what just go to and on the iPad download the app

how do you link photos?

your corect i searched up the photo but i cant link im new

Chromebook? What?

Just download it to the device you are using the forums on then tap/click the picture button

On mobile:

On pc:

Is this supposed to be a suggestion or something?

I don’t think so.

No NPCs craft anything. Only your Blockheads do that. Cave trolls do guard things like gold chests, trade portals, and ice torches, and they drop ice armour.

okay thx

no there are npcs

here i finaly got it

yes i use chromebook soo suprising

That’s the cave troll mention before.

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Yes there are NPCs, but none of them craft items. They carry or hang around items, but do not craft anything. Only Blockheads craft.