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☞ RULES: ☜

As long as you are courteous to other players, you do not have to read the entire rulebook, but it is greatly appreciated!

Section 1: Possession of Rare Objects/Glitches

Admins/staff may not sell, gift, exchange, or any other form of trade, any of these objects/glitches to mods and regulars.

№ 1 ☞ Portal chests are for staff only. Feel free to make your own

№ 2 ☞ Supershops are admin only. Do not PC your money form supershops in other worlds into this one please.

№ 3 ☞ Admins and mods can dupe.

№ 4 ☞ Absolutely NO destroying gem trees; if you happen to find one without a protection sign, please contact an admin about it. Mods and regulars can build on them.

Section 2: Staffing

№ 5 ☞ Please do not ask for promotion/ask how you can get promoted. If you have ever been on the receiving end of it, it’s incredibly annoying, and I hope you understand that any actions that seem like you are helping the server after you ask is deemed ungenuine. It will seem like the only reason you helped is because you want promoted. In order to become staff someday, you must play on the server for awhile, earn our trust, contribute to the server, and follow and enforce the rules. ABSOLUTELY NO DEALS FOR TEMP ADMIN.

№ 6 ☞ Only the owner and co-owner can edit the welcome message. Since this server is new, you can make new rule suggestions. However, any current rules already listed will not be changed based on suggestions.

№ 7 ☞ Only the owner and co-owner can staff people. You can only acheive admin by being mod. If we find out you have (been) staffed (by) someone else, then that admin will face consequences. You can, however, make suggestions.

Section 3: Building and Housing

№ 8 ☞ Please do not build any railroads on top of oceans or our spawning continent because we have our subway. However, you are welcome to build your own rails overseas.

№ 9 ☞ Build anywhere unprotected and out of the way. There are gravel streets on the spawning continent that is already leveled for you. The gravel blocks itself is protected, so if you want to build underground, just leave a sign on top of the gravel of where it would be and we will check. If you want to build under/through the subway, ask an admin. If you are going to build a big house, please do it somewhere remote.

№ 10 ☞ Do not ask for an ownership sign when all you’ve done is dig a hole for your house. Low effort houses are not worth protecting, so don’t be offended if/when we reject your request.

№ 11 ☞ Do not build any ugly/nonsense buildings (or anything out of dirt or sand). Your building will be demolished if this happens. Your building will be demolished if you are inactive for unreasonable periods of time. Refer to section 6 for more details.

№ 12 ☞ Do not kill animals and break crops of farmers.

№ 13 ☞ Build 15 blocks or more away from each other’s builds.

Section 4: Plagiarism and Credit

№ 14 ☞ Do not plagiarize buildings on this world. If you like someone else’s work, you may ask the builder of the building for permission to use their work (on another (server) world), but the owner of it must have placed a sign on their original work, writing out the name of the person who wants to use it, and write out the kind of world that the replocation will be built; (e.g, single player, multiplayer, multiplayer password required, etc.; If the world is multiplayer then write out server name); on the replication building, the player who replicated it must credit the builder name of the original work, and the world that the original work was in. Both sides must agree to this. Ask an admin for clarification, and report any issues/disagreement that you may have concerning plagiarism.

№ 15 ☞ Do not plagiarize this welcome message. You may not use this welcome message on any other server. This is not for distribution purposes.

Section 5: Trade

№ 16 ☞ We have a trade center (store rental) under the hotels where regular players and mods can set up shops, trade, and profit. If you want to rent a store spot, you need to place a sign in a safe with your player name and the date you claimed it. You may decorate your shop anyhow you want. Ask an admin for clarification.

Section 6: Activity

№ 17 ☞ Please report any players who do not comply to the rules. These reports are sent to the owner portal. In the “reasons why” part, try your best to write the section and rule that they violated.

№ 18 ☞ If you are a mod or regular player and you are not active for more than a week, your house will be demolished to make room for new buildings. To save your house, put up a visible sign in it stating an honest good reason why you are not active. Admins who are not active are required to put up a sign stating why in the admin HQ; if we do not see one, risk getting demoted.

Section 7: Courtesy

№ 19 ☞ No littering. Litter is very tiring to clean up; if you have any items you do not need, feel free to throw them down one of out trash chutes. Any litter you leave will either be thrown down the trash chute or thrown into the “Trash/Free Stuff” chests at spawn.

№ 20 ☞ No griefing

№ 21 ☞ No stealing or looting

№ 22 ☞ No being rude or mean to other players.

№ 23 ☞ Be respectful of (the privacy of) other players; harassment will not be tolerated.

№ 24 ☞ Do not say or do anything gross or weird. No inappropriate pfps or buildings. Do not discuss politics or current events. If anybody is uncomfortable with your conversation please discontinue your conversation. You may be banned if the argument gets too serious. Refer to section (punishment) for more details.

№ 25 ☞ No advertising of any kind

№ 26 ☞ No swearing. Occasional swears and censored swears are ok, but anything more, risk getting punished by whichever punishment an admin sees fits. Keep in mind that kids play this game.

№ 27 ☞ Do not abuse staff powers, or risk getting demoted, kicked, or, if severe, banned. Refer to Section 7 for more details.

№ 28 ☞ Do not spam chat; and don’t spam resources like generators on sky islands.

№ 29 ☞ Do not beg. Our staff is very busy and we may not be able to help you at the moment. Please keep in mind that this is survival and you must earn stuff yourself. If you need an ownership sign, feel free to ask!

Section 8: Punishment

Every staff member has different standards for each rule; for some staff, certain rules may be held to higher standards, so the higher the standard, the bigger the consequence. As of now, we have no specific punishment for rules, as they (the rules) vary in importance. HACKERS MUST BE BANNED, unless you want to interrogate them yourself. In that case, leave a message in Admin HQ. However, people that hack for good reasons will not be banned.

If you happen to see anyone breaking the rules, please REPORT the player immediately; even admins must do this, because we don’t want to forget the usernames.

✧ STAFF: ✧


✧ Co-Owner: doomgirl1992

✧ Admins: doomgirl1992

Messages to staff will be put in signs in Admin HQ! Please check them timely.

Say: Clark the Shark to prove you have read the rules.

Ask an admin for a starter pack!

  1. Welcome to the forums!
  2. Yeah I’ll join!

I can’t seem to find the server… is it one of wingys cloud servers? If so, you need to post the port & IP so people can join it.

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Why are supershops and duping restricted to admins and mods?

Welcome to the forums, and well done on an exemplary world thread :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, only the owner of record may start world threads, though. Is BENJIMANDOG a member here?