When I open my app it loded a world called (null) and I don’t have a world called (null) and when I press exit to menu it loded agine


did you go into the world to see what was there ???


Probably a zombie doing Gangham Style in an elevator


It was black no portal


Your world was corrupted. Now it displays the error “(null)” meaning that there’s usually corrupted/missing files for your world.


It was on a server


That happened to me. Do it still happens?


It’s not corruption. It happens to me quite frequently if I am switching worlds or if the world won’t load, or something is wrong with the connection.

The “null” screen is most likely completely separate from the corruption with the portal. Like I said…I’ve had it happen to me several times…and I’ve never had anything wrong with my world after.


What I believe it is is that the game is trying to load a world that doesn’t actually exist. So the world’s name defaults to (null), and the game “disconnects” from the non-existent world afterwards. I don’t think there are any lasting effects.


it usually happens to me on 3g maybe because its the lag when i try to join a multiplayer server its says the server name one moment then it says reason why you cant join the server then (null).


This happens to me but usually when I am loading a server world and in the middle of loading it gets disrupted by the ‘20% remaining pop-up window’.


Its just an error message because there was a problem loading that world. Usually, if you just try again or go to better connected area, it wont show it again. This happens a lot to me when I am not connected to the internet and have a bad data connection.


I’ve seen this (null) error when I am playing on online servers and I do not what it means either.


(null) meaning nothing to connect to (an simpler explanation than what really happens). Try joining the server again and it will be just fine.


Null means that it had a break in the connection while trying to get on to it


I think we’ve established that that it’s a connection problem, and we should stop repeating each other. :slight_smile:


But…it only happened to me when I join a single world twice by simply pressing it twice by accident


look againe


That’s a world you created didnt you?when I have (null) there are 2(s and 2) like this ((null)).


I did not create that world. after it loded it crashed