Numbers of Topics

If it’s possible, I think it would be nice — and believe others would agree with me — for the number of topics created per person to be limited to 2 or 3 per day. No more than that is needed, and it would make people think hard about the quality of their posts, only publishing the more valuable information to users of The Blockheads community. :laughing:


A video game long past its prime isn’t very “valuable” in the first place, but maybe I’m wrong.

I just wish this place was… alive, per say. It feels awfully stagnant.


Personally I‘m happy if I come back and there are a lot of new topics :slightly_smiling_face: Everyone has probably different opinions on what‘s „the more valuable“ information & I like that you‘re allowed to post a lot & about such a variety of topics :slight_smile:


Yeah, it has been kind of depressing seeing a decline in activity over time. The life being put into this place is really nice to see. :slight_smile:

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Why? The forum is quiet.

I mean, I would never gag users in any case, but why would I under current conditions? It seems counterproductive.


This is “The Blockheads” forums. These days, we might as well rename it entirely and change the categories regarding BH to “off-topic.”

Yes. Exactly. Do you really think people will discuss the game more if I restrict how much they can post?

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In the state that this forum is, I simply cannot imagine #off-topic and #games being removed. :worried:


No? I’m simply referring to quality versus quantity… I’ve made several off-topic – or shall we call them on-topic now? – posts lately, so I’m not asking to curb them to zero.

@WumboJumbo I said to invert them. Not delete.

No, Porky. It would just kill the community completely. I doubt most people would bother to visit if I did what you request. Keep in mind, I have been doing this for more than 20 years. It doesn’t work the way you think it does.


That’s quite literally the point :heart:

Quality is a very subjective thing, especially when it comes to this forum.

Sorry, I must’ve misunderstood. :disappointed:

Your point is to kill the community?

I’m kind of nervous about posting new topics now. :sweat_smile:


This community? It’s already dead.

The point is that this isn’t even the blockheads forums. You claim that people will stop visiting if number of topics created is limited, but exactly that has already happened. I don’t understand why people cling to it with such vigor while the owner has abandoned it and the community manager clearly has little interest anymore, even having another job (not claiming it’s her fault – guess her bio is finally appropriate ).

If we’re being honest, nobody has the right to call this page “The Blockheads” forums. Instead let’s change the name. I’m sure something along the lines of “Randomness Forum” or “Tech Apple News Report” is more appropriate. Clearly very little is on-topic with the categories list reporting 60/month of off-topic but the next highest being questions with 17/month.

I was really honestly trying to be polite but limiting the number of new topics would certainly only apply to one user, with only the important topics being posted by said person. Most don’t even have replies, so you can’t say that the forums would severely diminish in quantity; there would simply be higher quality in what is posted with replies still being made to the topics that are important. With the 29 latest topics of #off-topic, 14 of them have no replies and 4 more only have 2 users who have posted. If my math is correct, 16 out of 29 – ~55% – have little importance to the majority of people who visit the forum.

Before you say it, I realize that my reasoning is flawed in that I didn’t take into account other categories in my above calculations, but I noted the uptick in #off-topic posts which is the majority.

I’ll leave those who wish to remain unnamed as such, but there are several individuals who agree with me that there’s an issue.


If you have a problem with a user report them. Don’t get passive-aggressive about it. It’s not becoming to you, and it doesn’t incline me to give it any more air.