Occasional disconnects when a person joins



Sometimes when a person joins I get disconnected it mostly just happened in one server but it recently it occurred on a different newer server. Does this happen to other people or just me? I’m using iOS 10.3.3


Is it just you disconnecting, or is the world rolling over? See if anyone else is disconnecting at the same time. If they are it’s a known problem. If it’s just you, please post the model and generation of your device :slight_smile:


Others will still be on the only difference is the new person I’m the only one that’s it’s happening to


What’s your device? Is your connection strong?


It’s a iPhone 5 and the connection is good


Ah, that explains the older version of iOS.

I am not sure what to suggest here. There are too many factors that can’t be changed to test, such as iOS update. It may be an issue that only occurs under iOS 10.

I’ll charge my iPhone5x. I can’t remember if it’s the base 5 or a 5S. I’ll update tomorrow.


I will test on my iPad 2 running iOS 9.3.5


The iPhone 5 has a home button like this:
The iPhone 5S has a home button like this:
Now you should be able to tell if you have an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 5S. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I found out after it charged, that it’s an iPhone5S :slight_smile:

Is anyone else in possession of a working iPhone5?


I have one, but I’ll have to charge it up in the morning because the battery is at 0%, not to mention I don’t have The Blockheads downloaded on it.

I’ll get to it though. Tomorrow for sure. :slight_smile:


I mean I have an IPad first generation…


That can barely run 1.6, let alone 1.7.


It’s set on 5.1.1…


Okay, I can confirm that my iPhone 5 is experiencing the same problem.


Not sure if it counts, but my 5S kicks me out of the server about half a minute after someone joins. I have a few moments to say hi before a random disconnect, but that’s it.



Okay, @Testif. I’ll test with mine too.


I have an iPhone 6 on 10.2. How can I help test?