Off topic topic posts?

i see a lot of posts that usually aren’t about Blockheads with no categories assigned to them. i try to make one but i realize that there is no off topic category or a way to make a topic without a category. is there something i’m not seeing here?

Hey techno,
Are you still using your cellphone? Or is this on the computer?
Here are some screen shots from my iPhone 8 (please click on these black arrows below to see the information)

Where to find the category of the topic

As for the topic, it should be visible beneath the title. The first post in I clicked on after seeing your post happened to be off topic:

Where to find the category when making a topic

As far as making your own post, you should be able to scroll down (with your finger, if using your mobile device) in the category section to find off topic and other categories:

Let me know if I wasn’t clear enough anywhere, I’ll try to clarify.
I hope this helps :grin::+1:


Viewing a category exclusively

additionally, if you want to see exclusively off topic or another category, you can select the menu button and the category


I was on my computer and somehow, the category wasn’t there, it’s on there now. Thank you though!

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Are you talking about the #off-topic:technology subcategory?

No just off topic in general, but I found the category

Were you logged in? Unauthenticated visitors can’t see it.

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I was logged in with my phone