Official Gem Dunk Rules


Ok, the game is getting popular with these alternate rules and the new court is finished, so here are the official rules for Gem Dunk. This is a variation on my other sport of handcar basketball.

Unlike basketball, which can be played as a team, this game works a bit better with just 1v1. It involves 2 “balls” so it’s easier to keep track of who has what with fewer players.

Rule 1: Starting
Players/teams each start out with 1 gem, one team is blue and starts with a sapphire. The other team is red and starts with a ruby. From then on, possession of both gems will switch back and forth. The color doesn’t really matter except as explained below.

Rule 2: Scoring
The baskets are correspondingly marked with red marble and blue lapiz. Players must score with the correct color gem on the correct color block. If you score the wrong color gem on a block, the other team gets a point. However a gem is scored, the gem on the scoring block goes to the other team.

Rule 2a: 3 Point shot
Here’s the twist. There are two blocks side by side in the center and to drop a gem on these goals requires a double jump, so this target is worth 3 points if you score on the correct block. If, however, you miss the matching color and it lands on the other block, the other team gets 1 point.

Rule 3: Turnovers
If a player crashes while HOLDING a gem, that gem goes to the other side. If a player crashes while in possession of BOTH gems, he/she loses both. Reason: this encourages less risky riding if you happen to have both gems. This leads to fewer attempts on the 3pt goal. If you crash AFTER shooting, that gem is not considered in your possession. But if you possess a 2nd gem, that gem is lost.

Rule 4: Loose ball
Once a player has attempted a shot and missed, or otherwise DROPPED the ball, either side may attempt to retrieve the ball first. Think of this like a rebound in basketball. TIP: If you possess neither gem, watch for those missed shots to make a steal.

Rule 5: Winning
Agree on a point total to play to. This can vary based on available play time. 10 is a good number, or 15 or more if you have a while to play or if both teams are experienced and good at scoring. Or play for a specified time limit.

Where do we play this crazy game? That’s right, Skylands Arena. It’s above the Pyramid Park above spawn.

Variation: Gem Dunk Solo
Yes, you can play this game by yourself. Take 10 of each colored gem or keep track of your shots. You score the same as above but lose a point if on the wrong color. Shoot 10 times with each color and score your points. It’s not as easy as it sounds. I tried and my first attempt I got a 4. Only got 2 3 pointers and scored on the wrong goal twice. LOL!

Feel free to discuss alterations of these rules as you play the game, whether you enjoy them or not. In my experience I’ve found that the turnovers and risky shot to make a 3 pointer have led to pretty exciting games. If it seems to be one sided on a player who keeps scoring 3 pointers accurately, you might lower that point value.

What kind of sports can you play in blockheads

Hmm. Is it possible for there be more than 2 teams?


Hmmm, probably. Just think of a way to fairly distribute the two gems. Or if you wanted to make a court with 3 colored blocks, I don’t have a patent on this or anything. :smiley:
What we do sometimes in basketball is place the balls in a central spot and players start in the corners of the court and have to race to pick them up. You could do that. The 3 or 4 players could race to get to the gems first for the first possession. Then after a score, the players who didn’t score could try to be the first to pick up the gem. Prepare for a hectic free-for-all but I think that might be fun. (TIP: don’t allow more than two gems anywhere on the court, it’s very confusing when someone has a stack of sapphires, for example).


I’ll definetly try this.:slight_smile:


I have played this game with and against Jemni and it is a really ingenuitive way to play basketball in Blockheads!

You may want to edit this out :wink:


So you use handcars? This seems dangerous. What if a blockhead dies on the field?


Yep, we use handcars as the way to jump over the goals. Only occasionally does someone land badly in such a way that their handcar breaks on a suspended rail and drop their BH to the ground. Yes, it’s possible to take some damage through the normal course of a game but I usually wear some armor and carry food with me to heal. On one court, I integrated a healing pool into the field so you heal as you ride through it.

You could even wear a jetpack, but no flying to drop the gems! They would only be as a safety device in case your handcar breaks accidentally up in the air.


Put water everywhere that way, nobody gets hurt. Water landings :slight_smile:


You could do that as well. The problem with water is that it will slow your handcar down in certain situations. I think if you wanted to, you could have the lowest level of tracks on pillars just above a pool of water. Maybe I’ll build a gem dunk court somewhere like Urbano with this design. Hmmm. It may impact how gems are picked up from the ground when they miss.