Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



So I made a thread/topic for buy and sell things because im now really confused at this moment where can I reply to buy unicorns or to sell some stuff I have.

So this thread for Buy and Sell things like I said how we can work by that.

First for who will buy things wait until some one reply “Im selling unicorns for 1-100plat coins” And you will tag or reply him can I buy tho? Then he/she will answered that at (PM) you will told him/her where you can meet up to buy it in private message.

Second for who gonna sell things for Example unicorns you can reply “Im selling unicorns again to (what ever prices you will sell its yours not mine hehe) and wait until some one tag you to “Okay I’ll buy it (dont forget to pm the seller so you can meet up for him/her to trade) thats all thanks.

I hope this thread help you. So no need to find a topic where can you buy stuff you need and sell stuff what you dont need anymore or just you have more :wink: Thank you!

Edit: I’m leaving some of rules to here because some how others discussing that shouldn’t belongs here. Just click this its for forums guidelines and more.

[For the record, there is no such thing as dredging this thread. It’s like a world thread in that way: cuddly zombie! - milla]

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Credit:@BUILDITME1 special thanks for her explanation for this thread. Just read to know more down this message. Thank you!

What is this thread for?
In this thread u can sell, buy or trade stuffs like:
(If u are selling ex)
You:i am selling ___ stuff for ___ coins
Other person: i need to buy please
(Then u both pm each other)

(If u are buying ex)
Other person:i am selling __ stuff for __ coins
You:can i buy please
(Then u both pm each other)

(If its a trading ex)
You: i am trading ____ thing for ___ thing
Other person: ok ill trade with u (your name)
(Then u both pm each other)

What to pm?
After u have apcected the sell, buy or trade u need to pm the person u do with in the pm u need to select:
Server in which u can use portal chest and give each other and put back in your portal chest
Time when u both can be online on that server toghter

For any questions u can ask me so whos ready to sell,buy or trade?


Epic dodo eggs


I sell dirt 1 copper coin per 10 dirt.


Lol what a interesting stuff you selling

And @Aashir what do you mean by epic dodo egg? Like rainbow dodo egg!? Im interesting hehe.


Ya you I really need all epic and specially this one


Okay I’ll pm you where can I get that stuff or you want in discord?






Here. @rocam5 what else you selling that make us interesting? Dont forget the price too :wink:


I’m selling all coloured unicorns. Pm me if you’re interested, I’ll include prices within the pm.


(Before this thread starts if this is posted in the wrong forum then please tell me thanks)
Hi! So, I really want to get unicorns, eggs and gem shards but it takes time and I am very impatient. Any type of the things mentioned above is acceptable (But I would love to get those flying unicorns.) Any price point will do :slight_smile: Just PM me if you would like to sell these items to me. Thanks!


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It looks like a sell/buy request to me and it should be merged to our existing buy & sell thread.


How do you merge a thread? Sorry I’m kinda new to this forums thing.


Welcome then :heart:

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okay thanks!


Is anybody selling Gem shards? Pm me if so (: