Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



Any one need free tamed donkeys and teal donkeys untamed for free image


Nope the thread from buy/sell unicorns are for unicorns only this thread for every stuff you may buy or sell or even trade.


Killing market today

I am selling unicorns for the low price of… 1 golden bed

If possible, if not then, I can sell them for 25 platinum worry not. But I may not give more than 3 per person
((In all honesty I am. If you want one pm me, I just overbred while I was trying to get rainbow unicorns))


If anybody is sellin cave trolls plz pm me/reply about where you would want to meet and your price and thank you for your time.


You can’t cage cave trolls and stuff them in your portal chest so…


How do i delete a post?


But u can tame em


You can but you can’t sell/move them on another server


Check the little 3 dots under your reply, it should show a trash bin. Click that, and your reply will be deleted.


You can tame cave trolls, but you can’t cage them. This means you can’t put them in your inventory, and so you can’t transfer them into another world using portal chests.
Hence it’s impossible to trade cave trolls unless you’re doing it on the exact same server.


Is there anyone here willing to sell me eggs? Thanks!


Buying 2 tamed scorpions and drop bears. 50p per each animal?


I read that as 50 pence. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Buying multiple untamed scorpions, willing to pay up to

Buying a tamed unicorn, willing to pay up to 1000p/each.

Buying legit TC, willing to pay up to 200p/shard. (Edit: if possible.) (Please don’t ban me pls.)


TC cannot be transferred without hacking, so trying to buy “legit TC” is an oxymoron. Did you mean any of the other gems?


Oh, ok.


How can you buy untamed scorps? Ur legit just buying poison ._. Cause scorps will attack you and you can’t move dem?


For zoo


Currently in the market for:
Tamed Dropbears
Fully upgraded workbenches, all kinds
Pm me if interested, name your price


Tamed drop bears?.. 2 plz. Willing to pay up to 450plat each.