Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



For zoo


Currently in the market for:
Tamed Dropbears
Fully upgraded workbenches, all kinds
Pm me if interested, name your price


Tamed drop bears?.. 2 plz. Willing to pay up to 450plat each.


Nono, I meant I want to buy them


Would anyone be willing to sell a few stacks of basalt to me?


Me I would like to sell one chest that full of basalt only one chest.


…what do you even use basalt for anyway? I never tried making it,


Anyone willing to purchase my blockhead’s soul? It’s quite worthless.


Pixel art! I got a deal already so no need for anyone to PM me anymore :smiley:


Can I buy a shark bucket from someone? Need one so I can tame shark


Looking For Tamed…
• Drop-bears
• Scorpions
• Yaks
& just a pizza oven bench. I have multiple IGN:, and L’ilTanji.

Edit: I am willing to pay any reasonable amount.

Edit 2: PM me, or I’ll PM you.


I can sell ya a few tamed yaks.
How many and what’s ur price?
Also buying 2 of each:
Tamed gold Dodos
Tamed drop bears
Tamed emerald and sapphire Dodos,
Will pay up your amount requested. No going over 2999 plat tho,


Now someone lemme buy 2 tamed drop bears and 2 titanium and platinum eggs


Buying tamed drop bears for 250 plat each… or could trade ya something for the drop bears. PM me if interested.


I am also buying tamed drop bears, please pm so we can work out prices.


Currently selling:
Tamed yaks
Certain Tamed Dodos
Tamed fish
Very rarely rainbow unicorns


If you wishing to buy some things you are at the correct place.

This is an unofficial thing but this will be a place where you can buy or sell anything you wish.

But there are some new rules:

Please do not spam unnecessarily things such as buying air and that stuff. :confused: (you can but it may not be bought)

Have fun here :slight_smile:

But do note: Do not rip people off because you think you can, it is not nice.
Also be cautious about selling hacked items, tc is not allowed.


Trading Colored Ice Boots for a rainbow Unicorn (Tamed or Untamed). Who wants the deal, PM me.


I’m selling 1 platinum coin for 100 gold coins, I’m serious, whoever wants the deal PM me :stuck_out_tongue:


Pointless things may become a new rule. If anyone can figure out a set of rules and how to do them please PM me.