Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



Nono, I meant I want to buy them


Would anyone be willing to sell a few stacks of basalt to me?


Me I would like to sell one chest that full of basalt only one chest.


…what do you even use basalt for anyway? I never tried making it,


Anyone willing to purchase my blockhead’s soul? It’s quite worthless.


Pixel art! I got a deal already so no need for anyone to PM me anymore :smiley:


Can I buy a shark bucket from someone? Need one so I can tame shark


Looking For Tamed…
• Drop-bears
• Scorpions
• Yaks
& just a pizza oven bench. I have multiple IGN:, and L’ilTanji.

Edit: I am willing to pay any reasonable amount.

Edit 2: PM me, or I’ll PM you.


I can sell ya a few tamed yaks.
How many and what’s ur price?
Also buying 2 of each:
Tamed gold Dodos
Tamed drop bears
Tamed emerald and sapphire Dodos,
Will pay up your amount requested. No going over 2999 plat tho,


Now someone lemme buy 2 tamed drop bears and 2 titanium and platinum eggs


Buying tamed drop bears for 250 plat each… or could trade ya something for the drop bears. PM me if interested.


I am also buying tamed drop bears, please pm so we can work out prices.


Currently selling:
Tamed yaks
Certain Tamed Dodos
Tamed fish
Very rarely rainbow unicorns


Trading Colored Ice Boots for a rainbow Unicorn (Tamed or Untamed). Who wants the deal, PM me.


I’m selling 1 platinum coin for 100 gold coins, I’m serious, whoever wants the deal PM me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll buy compost from people.


Here you go!

  • c o u g h s-


Can anyone let me buy a few chests of compost? Or whatever you have. I’m willing to pay the price. Thanks!


Maybe a trade for uni I can give you some!? :wink: Pm me if you were interested!