Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



I’ll buy compost from people.


I’ll buy some air.


I have updated the OP and removed a thing. There is now a new rule in place not to spam unnecessary purchases.


Here you go!

  • c o u g h s-


Can anyone let me buy a few chests of compost? Or whatever you have. I’m willing to pay the price. Thanks!


Anybody have a uni for free? I’ve never rode one before and would like to try. Any color is fine as long as it is free. Any server is fine.


Maybe a trade for uni I can give you some!? :wink: Pm me if you were interested!


I can try making compost for you. I have a lot of apple trees and other food that need to be turned into something because I packed up my dodo farm so that I can focus on other things.

I can give you any coloured uni you want, and can tamed them for you, and give you a lot of cakes to keep it alive. Comes at a fair price. Don’t worry, I never ask for platinum coins, so nothing expensive.


Ok, I’ll buy a rainbow one. We can meet at whatever server you’d like :smiley:


Thanks everyone eltapa


Hey! So what time with be good for you? I have a server in mind… unless you have one.

I’m a regular visitor of the forums and one server in particular.

At the time of this message it is 6am and I already obtain two new tamed rainbow unicorns. Cages will come free with unicorn :grin:


I bet the server is skeeves gigantic empire.


We can go on the server now, which server?


Omg it’s like you can read my mind :wink:

There is another server but I don’t have a portal chest there.

@LilAngel119 yeah, what he said. Skeeves gigantic empire
When will you be available?
I’m going to Costco today so I wont be online until much later.


your own personal unicorn is now ready. Are you available?


Yes. I’ll meet you there.


How about now? And do you have rails?


I need the link to the server first. And no, I don’t. Sorry


What benches and resources do you have?Maybe you can just give me like 6 steel ingots and three wood, if you don’t have all the benches yet. I we’ll be online right now and I have a portal chest