Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



I can try making compost for you. I have a lot of apple trees and other food that need to be turned into something because I packed up my dodo farm so that I can focus on other things.

I can give you any coloured uni you want, and can tamed them for you, and give you a lot of cakes to keep it alive. Comes at a fair price. Don’t worry, I never ask for platinum coins, so nothing expensive.


Thanks everyone eltapa


Hey! So what time with be good for you? I have a server in mind… unless you have one.

I’m a regular visitor of the forums and one server in particular.

At the time of this message it is 6am and I already obtain two new tamed rainbow unicorns. Cages will come free with unicorn :grin:


I bet the server is skeeves gigantic empire.


Omg it’s like you can read my mind :wink:

There is another server but I don’t have a portal chest there.

@anon85547976 yeah, what he said. Skeeves gigantic empire
When will you be available?
I’m going to Costco today so I wont be online until much later.


your own personal unicorn is now ready. Are you available?


How about now? And do you have rails?


What benches and resources do you have?Maybe you can just give me like 6 steel ingots and three wood, if you don’t have all the benches yet. I we’ll be online right now and I have a portal chest


Lol. In the server I can lend you a portal chest so you can transfer from your single player world.

So when you set it down, it gives you access to the portal chest in your sp world.

Are you available are you available at 6pm to 10pm your time?


Please don’t double post. I’ve merged them.


Wow, that’s what you call powerful monitoring power, to have noticed this.

Sorry. It was either I posted or edited a previous post. I knew there was a limited number of times you can edit a post.


I’m buying tamed dropbears & rainbow dodo eggs. I’m able to purchase at any price as long as you can provide me a portal chest on the server we meet on. PM me for more details and where to meet up. Thanks.


Am buying 2 tamed diamond Dodos and 2 titanium
Both are 500 plat each deal :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll sell to you explosive! @EXPLOSIVEPLAYZ Please give me a little bit of time to get it ready.


I can sell you rainbow eggs.

Drop bears I haven’t attempted to tame.

@EXPLOSIVEPLAYZ I can sell you the diamond dodo and titanium Dodos/eggs

@I544C I can give you the profits when you’re ready. I mean, if I make the sale first, you can get to me later. You know me.


@anon85547976 your unicorn from eltapa is ready


Now. Go to skeeves gigantic empire. I’m helping them out and giving it to you. We’re almost the same time zones.


Just follow I544C. Lol

It’s easier if you guys meet up. I gave him the items. Because we have a way of leaving each other items without having to establish a time to meet up.

I trust him. :slightly_smiling_face::wink::grin:


That’s good lol.

We have a trading post that we leave each other items in. I will check it later


exacty 99? :thinking: