Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



Yeah I have a duplication glitch that me and my friends use so we have 99 of every dodo egg, 99 of every unicorn, 99 portal chests, 99 golden beds. Etc.


Then I’m not buying ANY! Sorry. :neutral_face:


Just when I thought you were hard working like me.

I, have all the colours, many rainbow unicorns and 99 of most of my eggs.

No duplication.

And I can sell cakes! Now that would be hard to pass up because everyone likes cakes!

@I544C I like that you are honest about items lol

See you in SGE


I’m looking to buy 3 tamed sharks. Not sure how much they’re worth but feel free to make an offer.


You’re not supposed to talk about duping on the forums


As @DeadlyPotato says you cannot discuss duplicating here in Forums it’s against the forums rules, and I do not like tolerating people duping and to sell it here. Please stop doing that. Hope everyone don’t do it just to be make it easy to dupe for more stuff and sell it here its illegal. DO legal please and as long it’s legal I’m not judging anything.


Taming dangerous mobs is one of the next things on my list lol.

Just haven’t had the need to do it yet.

Plus how can you possibly obtain/buy it? It’s simply unsellable, because you can’t transport fully grown sharks that are also tamed. Not sure about dropbears or scorpions. Maybe they can be caged after taming.


I don’t know if you can buy those, because you can’t bucket them if they’ve grown


As you’ve no doubt picked up on, we don’t permit the discussion of duping here. You’re not in trouble. Just putting you in the know.

Also, as the originator of the thread doesn’t permit the trading of duped items, I will remove your trading post.

As you were :upside_down_face:


when people slightly discuss duping positively, everyone points to the community guidelines, and wants the post removed, yet this doesn’t happen when duping is thought of negatively.

Not saying that that constitutes breaking the rules of the OT, still though

I’ll be selling all unicorns for 1 platinum, 1 gold coin, and 1 copper coin to celebrate my forum anniversary

Limit between 1-3 unicorns per person


I’ll buy one from you. Do you have a red one? Usually comes out like a blood red colour. Not the one between red and orange lol.


I’ll buy one frater! Thanks


I didn’t know that unicorn colors were slightly different, but I think I have a hot red unicorn
What server do you want to meet on

@I544C, what color do you want, and where can we meet for the trade?


I would like a rainbow one if possible. We can meet ast SKEEVE’S GIGANTIC EMPIRE


Try going there now. You might see something at the base

@SomeRandomUser Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire

Or you can give the red unicorn to I544C when you see him.


Whenever you guys get the chance @I544C, @ElTaPa I’m on SGE with the unis


I’ll go on now if you’re ready


This thread is very usefull who don’t use hacked money like supershops or duped ones so here are some questions and answers

What is this thread for?

In this thread u can sell, buy or trade stuffs like:
(If u are selling ex)
You:i am selling ___ stuff for ___ coins
Other person: i need to buy please
(Then u both pm each other)

(If u are buying ex)
Other person:i am selling __ stuff for __ coins
You:can i buy please
(Then u both pm each other)

(If its a trading ex)
You: i am trading ____ thing for ___ thing
Other person: ok ill trade with u (your name)
(Then u both pm each other)

What to pm?

After u have apcected the sell, buy or trade u need to pm the person u do with in the pm u need to select:
Server in which u can use portal chest and give each other and put back in your portal chest
Time when u both can be online on that server toghter

For any questions u can ask me so whos ready to sell,buy or trade?


Doesn’t a thread like this already exist?


Someone merge this. There’s already a thread for this…