Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



Can i have a link of that thread?


The thread link you wanted to and it’s official. The differences is category and messages for thread but same content what this another thread for? For me we only need one no need more probably forum users will consider one of the thread fake or duplicated thread because the first one dead thread.


I’ll just drop a @asyc


Nice thread and very helpful too


I am selling tamed rainbow unicorn for just 200 pl
Trade portal lv6 for 400 pl
Diamond portal 400 pl

Offer:buy 2 trade portal, 2 diamond portal and 1 rainbow unicorn for just 1500 pl now!!

Pm me now to buy anything please


Tamed Rainbow unicorns for 100pc

Comes with free cage


100 portal chests :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nvm I see you meant platinum coins, I’ve never seen anyone use pc as platinum coins.
I usually just say “100 plat”


Well if you want to sell portal chest in exchange for unicorn, you can lol


Hahaha! 100 portal chest I’ve crossed that in my mind :lol: we should decide how do we rename the Blockheads money with short sign/pronunciation? So I might invented some few short words to call the each different coins!

Copper coin = cops, coppcoin, cp, brown coin… lol it’s hard to invent hehe.

Gold coin = golds, goldie, gc, reflected golden coin, golcoin, yellow coin… same hard to make it short.

Platinum coin = plats, platcoin, pc, shiny coin, rainbow coin, expensive coin, old coins…
I don’t know what to expect some of this short and long words to say please help to decide if you want suggets to! It’s for short or long words for our Blockheads money/coins! Thank you!


So for anyone buying or selling I recommend capitals to help others see currency

10Pc (Platinum coins)
20Gc (Gold coins)
30Cc (Copper coins)

(since every other copper items are ores, ingots, blocks, tools, armour and wires, we would call the full name of those items but coins we just say the name of what they are made of)


I’ll trade a tamed rainbow unicorn for a tamed cave troll.


Cave trolls can’t be caged and traded across different servers.


Too bad they can’t be traded lol

I would give you a Unicorn for a Troll


They can’t? Dang, I wouldn’t know I haven’t seen one since the update, Oof.

I’ll change the offer to this:
I’m selling a tamed rainbow unicorn for 75 platinum coins.


Lol. You were selling rainbow Unicorn and trying to get a cave troll. I didn’t realise lol.

I already have rainbow unicorns but after I have finished may other tasks I think I will go back to the caves and try my luck at finding a troll to tame lol

Anything else you need? Or are you short on Pc? And want to earn some money?


I suppose I could try to get some plat coins, yes.


You don’t have much platinum coins?


Very cool


I would like to buy a unicorn please.


Alright, PM me soon then if you want.