Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



I have tamed platinum Dodos for sale.


Rainbow unicorns! Get your rainbow unicorns right here! For five diamonds or 20 rubies

Only five to be sold. PM me or I544C. Please include details if you message I544C, so he understand what’s going on. And I can hand him the Unicorns if it turns out I can’t find a good time to do it


Ill pm u soon or can u pm me


Yup just PM me what you want and I’ll get it for you. I’m the businessman. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Who needs fuel?

I have one whole stack of it. I may never currently use it and I don’t think I want to sell it on the trade portal.


Meeeee! Contact me on our PM please


I’m willing to buy large amounts of black glass.


I might be able to grab you some. A few stacks probably.


That would be great! PM me with the price & amount once you have it? :cheerful:


Ok I will.


How does this work though? Is it like there’s a server where people join to trade or what


Any server they want to trade in. So any server on tbh


If you find a nice enough player to help you, generally you can trade on any server that has the portal chest enabled, and the trader already has a portal chest on the server.

For example on the ‘Skeeves Gigantic Empire’ and ‘sea of flowers’, both I or I544C can trade on those servers.

If you have portal chest that is on you vanilla single player world, we can help you get connected to that world, and that’s how the trade happens.

Also, it’s likely that each seller here on the forums will have their own server they will choose to sell/trade on


Oh I had forgotten how the game worked and I thought that I could bring my own character from another world :stuck_out_tongue:


So, who wants to sell me a shark in a bucket?


I only have a fish in a barrel.


They cost like 1 gold coin and 31 copper.


Yeah I forgot you can buy it.

But during the time I was spawning my own sharks, I didn’t think to bucket the babies.


You might wanna ask in this thread.


Yeah I bookmarked that. Sold a bit of stuff there.

If I don’t get much results here I might either start of another shark tank or post on that thread