Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



Who would be willing to cage up one of the finite amount of cave trolls to sell to others? I was thinking about this when i noticed that since cave trolls are limited in a world, someone could sell theirs to somebody and that somebody could create a city of trolls. Im not actually asking to buy, just wondering


Cave trolls can’t be caged.


Awww i thought about it deeply too lel a city of trolls


I have a lot of diamond Dodos. Who needs a couple.

Prices negotiable. Does not have to be paid in platinums. Server already elected.


Im gonna start to be using this trade system in a while, i recently started replaying the game and its gonna take me a few days to get a portal chest and a good amount of money to trade
By the way,things i might ask for will be unicorns, scorpions, dropbears and dodo tiers, just letting people know


I am a person that covers donkey, unicorn and Dodos tiers. I have all that’s available.

Just let me know what you need. Prices can vary.


I’ll also be buying tulips because they are cool
It’s gonna take me like until next week to find all the gems and things to make the chest


I have four colours for tulips.

And a few mixes of colours. I haven’t explored the possibilities much. I will try to get more colours.

Plus my prices are not always in coins. If you mined enough and have all the benches, you should have plenty to trade without needing coins.


Selling a limited number of jetpacks!

Sold at a whopping 89% discount, with the price of 100plats!!

Available at select servers!
At your elected servers at certain times.


Anyone selling drop bears


Anybody sellling tamed dropbears in cages?


I don’t think anyone is selling any


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How much for all wokebenchew fully upgraded?


I have dropbears.


Selling Amethyst Dodo Eggs. Message me if you’re interested.