Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



I have eggs, where you can get shards using an egg extractor but the server they are on is currently closed.


Im looking for gen shards like diamond shards ruby shards and others…
im willing to BUY with 500PLATINUM COINS or more (name your price)
I can TRADE with UNICORNS (20 unicorns for each type of shards)

reply below ASAP


I’ll try getting some gem shards and when I do I’ll reply again.


okay mate! thanks… will wait for it soon…


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lol, so now we are at the generation where a unicorn is worth 0.05 shards :joy::joy::joy:


I think Unicorns cost wayyy more now xD


To make a dinosaur or something like that?


Still interested in shards?

I now have shards of every kind.


Hello! Anyone selling highly evolved dodo eggs of the platinum, rainbow and diamond kind? Trying to breed these eggs and having little luck with it. I would be pleased to pay any reasonable price, PM me for further discussion!


I did before. On my friends server.

But my offline world got deleted recently.


can anyone sell lapis lazuli or red marble?
I’m too lazy to find them myself, and it would be better if they’re sold in stacks.