Official Thread for Buy & Sell & Trading Stuffs here!



To make a dinosaur or something like that?


Still interested in shards?

I now have shards of every kind.


Hello! Anyone selling highly evolved dodo eggs of the platinum, rainbow and diamond kind? Trying to breed these eggs and having little luck with it. I would be pleased to pay any reasonable price, PM me for further discussion!


I did before. On my friends server.

But my offline world got deleted recently.


can anyone sell lapis lazuli or red marble?
I’m too lazy to find them myself, and it would be better if they’re sold in stacks.


I can sell them to you if you have a portal chest.


Things i needto buy:
Discovery box (everything in the tps should be in the chest)-payment= a safe of plat
Eggs types
Different types of tamed dodos
Different colors of tamed donkey
Different colors of tamed unicorns
Tamed yaks
Tamed scorpions
Tamed dropbears
Different colors of paints
Different colors of dyed cloths/beds
Benchs max
Gems picaxe
Portal chests
Different levels of tp
Different levels of portals
Normal shops
(PM me to sell me anything i will tell u the rates in the PM)
(All money is legit)
(The server u choose to sell me on should be survival rules and should have portal chest)


Well I can get you almost anything other than than tamed creatures and Eggs (still working in those right now)

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I need to buy:

  • all colors of donkeys and unicorns (1000 plats each)
  • Different kinds of dodo eggs(1000 plats each)
  • Tamed scorpion, drop bears, yaks, sharks(500 plats each)

Prices can raised depending on how much you would like to sell for each if you have things I requested (Or you can trade with other things)


For unicorns see this thread:


There’s a problem with selling tamed sharks, you can’t cage or bucket bigger sharks.

I’m offering 10 wooden eggs. Do I get 10000 coins in return? Yay!


I have a good number of different eggs and a surplus of tamed dodos I might sell.


Buying tamed dropbears for my sp.


I’m looking to buy gem shards (every kind) and rare dodos. pm if interested.