Old Feature: Voice Chat, what's the experience and the demise of voice chat?

Hello, does anybody recall the old feature of Voicechat? It’s a old update I haven’t heard of until a fellow player told me. Out of curiosity, I’ve did research, found out that it does exists, but in older updates. However, I couldn’t find more information regarding about voicechat. Could anybody cure my curiousity by sharing about information regarding about voicechat?
What’s the experience of voicechat, and what caused the demise of voicechat? What does the voicechat icon look like? Any more information regarding about voicechat is welcome.

I think this was a feature exclusive to Game Center multiplayer, and I’m pretty sure you could toggle it on by clicking on your icon. When Game Center stopped being supported, the voicechat went away alongside that

I remember it from Game Center and I had no idea until I heard someone talking I know it scared me :joy: but I don’t remember much else

Yeah, it used to be in the game if you used the now removed Game Center multiplayer feature. Game Center still exists and is alive and well, but it used to be neglected by Apple. As a result, the developer opted to remove the feature from the game in version 1.7.

Voice chat was removed long before that though. Possibly when the game was bumped up to a 12+ rating… :thinking:

This is not correct. Apple kept changing the API, which meant it kept breaking in games. Since Dave doesn’t have the resources to constantly update apps he just removed support to stop the nuisance.

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