Old UI option


(extending from Classic GUI option)
Have any of you ever felt that the new GUI seemed tiring?
Well I have…
So like what @Cpt-Koolzman and @Titan said… how about incorporating the old GUI into the “Classic Look” options?
Or is it too much work…


whats GUI?


Game under images


Or a new setting.

GUI is Graphical User Interface. @bloky2018


I absolutely agree with you!


Yes, we can feel the ol’ 1.6’s, old style :cool:
That sounded way better in my head…, :woman_facepalming:t2:



Help now that we have 3 different threads for the same suggestion in the Thai on thread, we got a bit of a mess on our hands.


Lol I mean aren’t the other 2 dead? That’s why I made a new thread lol because bumping isn’t allowed


As long as it contributes to the discussion, also the other thread was 7 days old not 4 months


Oh sorry. My fault for the mistake. But it didn’t show up when I was making the thread either, but whatever.


That would be awesome. The old one was way better.