Older iOS gear and what they run

Before 1.7 came out I played on a 3GS and an iPad mini 2

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Was the performance completely pants? :laughing:

it was laggy but in single player it wasnt super bad

Cool! That’s kind of impressive. I have a first generation mini and last time I played it was pretty awful on that.

I also used to play mainly on an iPhone 3GS. Thanks for not breaking Vanilla cloud worlds on 1.6.0 :slight_smile:

I thought iPhone 5s was old. Apparently not.

I started playing blockheads on an iPhone 4. Now I use an iPhone XR, has time flown or what?

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Of my wee library of devices the oldest are the 1st gen mini and a 5S. A fresh world is fine on both, but as soon as you start building and farming, and the mobs start growing it gets very chuggy. Old is relative, but once Apple redacts a device from the current iOS support list it’s considered old, even if it’s still a very useful thing to have. I don’t give up on devices until they die. I had an iPod die within three years, but the Mini is a couple of months older than the game, which is seven. I use it when I’m at the local InfoSec conference. It’s handy for such a dinosaur!

Tried to play The Blockheads on an iPhone 4, and it was not as flawed as on an iPhone 3GS.

It was announced in late 2013. Six years is a long time in tech.

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I was just surprised someone was using an iPhone 3G.

I’m just here with my iPhone 6 that has a broken screen and 9 of the 16gb of storage I have are taken up by just the stuff that makes the phone work XD :sweat_smile:

I seem to have the same problem with my 5S. Kind of false to advertise it as having 16 Gigabytes of storage when more than half is taken up by the ever-mysterious workings of “System”.

Does my iPad 3 count as old? It should.
It’ll celebrate its 8th birthday soon: and I’ve been playing the Blockheads on it for 7 years.

Everything becomes extremely laggy when I scroll past torches, water or any other moving animation.
My iPad is also completely mute (only headphones/earbuds work), so I don’t usually get to enjoy the music. Although I must admit I don’t miss the chicken shrieks of dodos.

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Yes, I had one until about three years ago, when
I gave it to my stepdad. Lovely device, but getting on a bit :upside_down_face: