Older versions of the app?

Just wondering if there is a working ipa/apk or another way to access an older version of the game?

You could probably find APK files for older versions of the game by searching for them online, but they aren’t official. As a result, anything could happen if you were to install them.

Yah, I tried… when you open it, it says that there was an error downloading data. Searching for ipas for apple just turned no results.

The only legitimate way to get an iOS build is via Dave/Apple. Anyone linking to third party services for one will be banned permanently, and will very possibly end up with more than just the game running on their device. You’d need to ask Noodlecake Studios about Android builds.

I guess you could find and install an older version but the gameplay would be buggy and poorly performing at best or incompatible at all with the latest official version.

I found my old 3GS and after the battery taking about 4 hours to charge enough for it to turn on, it had 1.6… not the oldest but still older… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1.6 supported iOS 6 I believe. iOS 6 is the latest version of iOS that the iPhone 3GS can run.

I’m shocked that an iPhone from 2009 supported Blockheads up until March 2018 when 1.7 was released and required an Apple device running iOS 8 or newer.

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You can see how good it is at holding a charge lol… gonna have to wait a few more hours before it’ll turn on again


You can run it on an original iPad which only got to iOS 5. I’ll need to find mine to confirm though. Assuming I still have it somewhere…

Are you sure? If so, that is crazy. I am shocked that it didn’t support the original iPhone too. :rofl:

Couldn’t find the iPad… If anybody wants access to 1.6 all you have to do is download the app on a iOS <8 device (just the normal app store no jb needed) and apple will download an older version.

Wait, it works on iPhone OS 1?

There was no app store so no. It was supposed to say 8…

Ah, okay! That makes much more sense. :smile:

The iPad had 1.6