One IGN on three, instead of three separate


I have three ID’s on one server. Long story, however, I went to sign in on main (owner) acct. I noticed main ID on all three access points instead of different name on each. All three sign on to main acct. how do I get others back and/or get rid of excess access points?

iPhone 6 Plus. Version 12.3.1


I have had this happening too. My main IGN on SGE would triple on the spinner. Deleting two of them didn’t help, they came back. The problem healed itself at some point in time.
You should be able to get back the other entries by searching for the world and enter the other IGN before joining.


This happened to me on SoT, just rejoining the world on the seemingly overwritten IGNs and deleting the duplicates will solve your issue, in the reply I got from milla, she said something along the lines of this being the cleanest solution.

Also, forgetting the duplicates deletes ALL of them at once, so you’ll actually have to rejoin three times.


I deleted them and it fixed it. I came back, and it reverted back. :woman_shrugging:


It just started happening to me today! Now I’m cursed!


Oh, no! I’ve had to delete to reset on another server now, too. It’s odd, but not going to keep me from playing. ROFLOL I’ll whine and play on…


It started happening to me also. My spinner is also not holding more than 10 worlds at a time. It will delete the oldest online world when I join a new one. It started happening when I joined a world link off the forums.


LOL I only go to three worlds. My Survival Land, Skylands, and Rabbithole (<< May be two words :grimacing:) (owned by Jemni). I haven’t followed a link in months.