One of the stranger glitches

Okay so I’ve seen this glitch a few times. It consists of a pillar of ever changing items, signs, shelves, workbenches, bases of portals, steam generators, craft benches. I am unaware of the cause of this, but I am intrigued. I am not sure if other people can see them but they are certainly there. I have only found them in multiplayer. image

It’s not a glitch. It’s a hacked item

i remember those. back in the days XD

It is a modified metal workbench. The only way this can be made is through mods, but players have duped them and they are around.

Yep, it’s a hacked metalwork bench.
(idk how to make them).

You’ll probably find lots of hacked things ingame such as ownership signs, colored pole items, unknowns, this metalwork bench, portals without the base, supershops… etc.

Original look :

New look:

Dang bro even when I turn classic mode off it does not nearly look as crisp as your graphics. Blockheads RTX. :eek:

Can they be put it inventory?

Yes, the hacked metalwork bench can be stored & placed just like a normal one, but other stuff is for display purposes only.

For example, Unknowns can’t be placed but can be displayed in cabinets.

Guess who just got a glitched metal work bench!! :smiley:

pls tell me not you

What do you mean I have 2 in my portal chest.