One Thing To Update...(Actually 2)


If you don’t want to spend money to make a server, you can always create Mac servers that are free


With a trash OSX 10.7.5 Mac…no I can’t.

Edit 1:@The_one,what is this and why did you post this?
Edit 2:@The_one,the thing you psted about Mac servers…


@Wingysam might be able to help


I almost solely play single player.


What do you mean?


Just do we don’t have this big argument, here is a poll.

  • Server credit was a good and necessary change.
  • I dislike the credit change.

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For more info about server credit, visit here: A change to server credit in 1.7

  • The new font and inventory style is great!
  • Not a fan of the new font and inventory…

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See the full discussion here: New font


It’s not pay to play. It’s pay to own a server.

You can have fun on someone else’s server.


The_one is referring to the fact Wingysam has offered to host Mac servers for other players. It would be hosted on their Mac and if you need a rollback you PM them. It’s free of charge.


I personally don’t like HD textures but others do and they are toggleable. Anyone know about Minecraft s texture change?
Also world credit was an amazing change! No longer do we have these really bad worlds with nothing in them but also it makes you think:
Do I really want to make a server?
Will I be able to dedicate money to the game every month?
How will I make this work?
Anyways the credit is cheap. Work for $1 an hour work for 5 hours a week, have infinite food. Bammm! Even then you can pay!


ALRIGHT. EVERYBODY BY THE CAMPFIRE. I got a sad, sad story to tell, and maybe that Block dude will understand.

Way before 1.7, we paid Time Crystals for servers. Do you know what Pirated Time crystals are? They’re evil. They were a loophole in the game coding,and weren’t supposed to be here in the first place. Dave suffered from this. He was losing money. Every Time crystal safe used was - $5.00 USD from Dave. He uses his own money to host the cloud. Which is thousands each month. People were using these Pirated Time crystals to make servers. Every new server added more money to host the cloud. More than half of the servers in the cloud were made from pirated time crystals. Dave had enough of this. And so he did this, so the more responsible players could have a server. You don’t have to pay to play. Play on other servers, or play on a single player world. The paying part is only for owning a server.

I had to do this.


Then they can enjoy a few years in prison if that’s the case.


This could help…

By @TheFoil


They’re just rainbow cakes in the old textures




I couldn’t disagree with you more. I believe HD textures look incredible. The clouds, the new block textures, the yak fur… amazing.

Secondly, I am not going to rehash any of the IAP arguments mentioned above (everyone has stated the need to switch over to a IAP well-enough), but going back to using TCs for world credit is simply not going to happen. That’s the bottom line.


The blockheads face looks very weird in the HD texture


I understand why they did this maybe majic Dave will fix the tC hack and put it back maybe?


The hack is already patched. But as @Thuthu said, Dave will never add back Time Crystals to servers.


This is not my problem.
They shouldnt need to pirate tc then.


I don’t get what your saying.
As I said, there’s no more Free TC anymore. So nobody’s using pirated TC anymore