Online servers?


Does anyone have an online server for people still learning the game? I would like to play with other people but I don’t want to join a random server and have to deal with people who aren’t going to be helpful. I’m still learning about the game


RabbitHole and also Skylands, both owned by Jemni, are great servers with helpful players.


How active are Rabbithole and Skylands?


Rabbithole is locked waiting a rollback, but otherwise it is very active. It should be back in a day or two. Skylands is pretty active as well, and getting more active now while Rabbithole is offline.


Pink Mist, by fear is a pretty nice server, unlike most servers not everything is protected, and there is no trade portals, so you get to explore all the survival aspects of the game, it’s also pretty active with lots of helpful people


This is a small list
1 rabbit hole owned by Jemni/ The Mad Hatter
2 skylands owned by Jemni/ The mad hater
3Pink mist im not sure
4 MagicCrystalskies (currently whitelisted due to a griever going around it will be unwhitelisted sometime today :slight_smile: ) Owned by Vi
5 titan owner by Rocketbro
theres alot more i just cant think of them rn