Opinion: People care about welcome messages way TOO much

Haha! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I suppose I agree. Because what bothers me is when the Welcome Message is too much for my old iPad to handle…


Exactly! People literally add a couple hundred lines of stylesheets for, what? A page that people will skip after 10 seconds?

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I agree with you! People should make short welcome messages. Let’s hack them!


Haha! xd
Welcome messages should be short, and straight to the point! :slight_smile:

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I’m completely with you on this one. It goes way too far when there is an a”admin chat” or “ship lists” (whatever that is anyway)…

I don’t really mind. If I was Dave, I probably would have made that the default font. I also personally don’t find it very hard to read unless people do something horrible with it like make the font yellow when the background is white.

There is a design guide for how to make useful welcome messages created about 2 years ago. It was created due to the excessive amount of yellow text on white backgrounds that can be found in welcome messages.

If you see anyone that is actually willing to create more user friendly welcome messages, please please please for the sake of us all, share this with them.


I guess people just like to design their welcome messages with the ‘90s MS’ there.

90s MS = Colors that contrast way too much, awful font choice, a disorganized mess of things, low res/poorly rendered 3D objects. In simple terms: Carpal tunnel.

we all should be lucky nobody is using comic sans.

Milla probably wouldn’t like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing is, when people make WAYYYY over “designed” WM’s, and you have to scroll through the whole thing to fin the info/rules itself, it is not even worth it to read it all. It would be easier and faster to just learn the rules as you play. And as for the ADMIN CHAT, I am COMPLETELY with you. Admin chats are just horrible. It isn’t like it matters about it if you have like, admin mailboxes which a lot of server seem to have. (Who knows) Because everyone, including regular players can see what you put there. And my poor ipad cant handle it all loading in and I crash. I completely agree and wish people would make them shorter.

It’s so irritating when people style their messages like this!

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When your iPad crashes trying to find the rules and is assaulted by lines of giant glittering text. :sob:


sadly that’s a problem

I think the best approach is to use the markup as originally intended: to set colours, layout, and fonts. Adding music, animation, or anything else that uses resources is a good way to deter the reading of your message, because people will just close it or be distracted by the shiny things.

On top of that, players with rubbish network services don’t want to download a bunch of needless shiny stuff :slight_smile:

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Oops, we couldn’t play on your server. We only had enough bandwidth for your server, or all your favorite videos you decided to put on your WM. But since we had to see your WM first… :man_shrugging:


lol - so true

This is what my welcome message framework tries to avoid. You give it a small configuration, and it adds a small margin, an unobtrusive font, and a few small badges at the top.

It does have a configuration to have a vote popup which I don’t really like, but I added a few features to it like not asking you to vote if you’ve voted on any server that uses the framework in the past 6 hours. You can also close the welcome message while the popup is active. It’s part of the page, not a native popup that blocks the done button.

It does support the annoying features like backgrounds and auto playing music, but they are not the default.


Let’s forget the other end of the spectrum: A big white box with 5 rules and a co-owner in small back default font and a string or 2 of unaligned emojis.

The WM is the first indication to a player of how much effort and care you put into your server. If you can’t present a decent looking WM, it may cause people to question your ability to properly manage the server.

I personally wouldn’t stick around a server if I saw a poor welcome message followed by a mess of a spawn location.

server wm’s are hitting a new low.

Were Lucky…