Ore pan


Instead of mining all day, there’s this alternative:

Craft bench lvl 2:
Ore Pan
Find Gold In Rivers!
5 iron ingots

In a body of water that has at least 10 blocks of water in it, you can tap in the water to sieve it. It takes an initial 5 second to sieve an ore, and then one of these happens.

You get one of the following:
Stone, dirt, copper ore, tin ore, iron ore.


It keeps sieving for an extra 5 seconds and you get: gold, platinum, titanium ores.

You can sieve 100 times before it decays and you have to craft a new one.

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Shouldn’t there be a chance of getting nothing? You don’t always find something in a sieve.


Yeah. But instead of nothing, you get dirt or stone. Which pretty much amounts to nothing.


In certain cases dirt and stone could be worth a lot.


So like a non-electric sluice, but for pure water?


Not really.


That was my thought too.


You could say that.


Only dodo eggs, as far as I know.
(Because they turn into higher tiers)
Other than that, they’re really cheap.


nice idea!


In my opinion, you should get dust instead of ore and have to make the dust into the ores. Maybe 3 dust for one ore?


Maybe 3 dust for common ores and 2 dust for the rarer ones to make it a little easier to get gold and such.


That would make it easier to get rare ore yes, but doesn’t that kind of take away the rareness of it?


Yeah, that’s the issue. It just seems that 3 dust for one ore seems a little low, maybe heighten rarity for it all and do 2.