Oreo’s (almost) Complete Naming and Taming guide


Why do you think that 1.7 took so long?

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Look how littleeeeee


Why is a donkey name Chewbacca ? XD. That is awesome


hey Oreo!!! It’s so good to see you, thanks for this I’ll definitely be coming back to this when taming animals I come across in my world :slight_smile:


I need help. Specifically on creating a unicorn.

So, to get one, I just breed donkeys? Or what?
Please help, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m desperate for a unicorn! :)))) Ok?
Please help me!

I’ll even buy one. $$$$


I named one dodo GOODGRADESBOY


I’ve been informed that some of my guide might not be all that clear. If you guys think something needs to be changed by all means let me know. I can update this as I go


I’d prefer if you listed the donkey color tiers. Except that,It seems ok for me.


@ me… yeah I was saying that the “5-6” feedings to tame a donkey are I guess unclear? It took me about 20 carrots to tame one donkey, so did you mean like feeding of various carrots or something like that? Maybe my donkeys are just fat lol… anyway, the process of giving donkeys carrots takes several in game days (for me at least) is that supposed to happen? I’m asking this as a way to help people with a similar problem or to see if I’m the only one with this problem cuz even Dave didn’t know what to tell me lol. So yeah I’ve managed to tame several donkeys already, but the process of breeding them is what’s frustrating… could you specify the I guess exact, yeah exact way or pairings to move on to the next phase? Like for example, if there’s a donkey alone it produces a baby donkey of the same color, but I’m not sure how to advance to the next colors… I am stuck in the black color atm, I kinda observed that a black donkey and a brown donkey make a black donkey, but I’m not sure how I even got the brown donkey in the first place :sob: lastly, are there specifications in the breeding “area” ? Like, does there forcefully have to be two donkeys to reproduce or can they do it with other donkeys around? It sounds weird I know :joy:, and do u know if fire camps influence anything? How long did your donkeys take to tame and breed? I think that’s all


So far I have a completely blue donkey…


It’s a bit finicky in multiplayer when lag starts to influence things. If you hit the donkey it counts as a negative feed, so that could make it so that it takes more times to feed it. Breeding them is a random chance. I’ve put 2 of the same colour in a pen together and had a baby of the next tier 10 seconds later, and I’ve had to wait hours for the next tier. That part is totally random. I haven’t noticed anything in the breeding area influencing the breeding rate at all

And I’ll add the colours in a little while. I didn’t want to spoil the fun of the progression right from the start


Nice thread!

I have a couple questions about the breeding process. So, I was attempting to tame some donkeys (randomly feeding theme carrots), and eventually this happened!

Are they tamed? How did I manage to get them, if they’re unameable? Can I use feeder chests on them to help them evolve?

Now, here is a picture of my tamed donkey, normal colour, using the same process of randomly feeding donkeys whenever they were hungry.


You have to hand-feed the brown donkey in order to tame it. The brown colour is the next step of the colour progression.

They progress in the following colour order:
Normal -> Brown -> Black -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Orange -> Red -> Purple -> Pink -> White -> Rainbow

You may want to group the same colour together, using gates or short platform to separate each colour group. You only need one or two of each colour to spawn an offspring which is either the same as the parent or one colour above or below its current colour.

Feeder chests save you from having to feed every animal by hand.
To tame them you need to feed them by hand so you know when they get hungry and keep count on how many times they have been fed.


I did end up with an army of Bobs! I renamed most of them so I could differentiate- Bobbi, Roberta, Robert, Bobby… and Charles. Thanks for the guide, it’s been very helpful!


I’ve named my Bobs Bob the Great, Bob the Hero, Builder Bob (Bob the Builder didn’t fit), Bob the Saviour and Inspiring Bob.


I have a question.
I have been trying to breed my donkeys up to a unicorn for a while now, but I can’t get pass green, they just keep having other green baby’s.

Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Both of them are tamed.


I have a similar issue and am striving to get through it.




You’re not doing anything wrong, sometimes the donkeys are just super disagreeable and it takes a long time to get to the next tier.